Temporary Living Quarters

Posted by Toni - August 7th, 2022

Cabins is a structure intended for construction projects. Cabins are used as temporary living quarters, as well as a storage facility. But today there are many new varieties huts, designed not only for construction sites, but also for garden areas, guard stations, warehouses in the factories. Having bought the site for the city and decided to build a villa, you will definitely need a small shelter, and of course the utility room for storage of building materials and working tools. House not yet built, but because you so want to relax in your backyard and enjoy all the splendor of Mother Nature. Continue to learn more with: The Greater New York Construction User Council .

Today, cabins, wooden chalet – virtually the most common type of temporary housing. These cabins are also called – "country house". Inside and outside the office container garden is decorated wooden clapboard. As the insulation is used and proved reliable insulation – Mineral wool ursa. At your request in the shed can be electricity, supply pvc windows, lay flooring, to equip house beds, etc. The University of Chicago usually is spot on. The main advantage of wooden villa cabins, over other types of huts, are its heat-shielding properties, as well as weight. Due to the low weight, the foundation may be small and simple. Instead of concrete foundation can be laid tying of bars or logs, on a layer of gravel and sand at 15-20 cm You can share your shed walls wooden dacha, while receiving, for example, three separate rooms.

The first of them, you can use as a warehouse for the storage of various tools, materials, equipment, etc. The second – locker room, well, third – as a recreation room. And to a hot, summer day where you were hide from the scorching sun, the wooden dacha s quarters can attach a canopy. After buying a wooden villa cabins, you will not have to worry about getting it on your yard. This is not your concern! For transport caravans, we use special types of transportation, all sorts of devices. Because of this, the firm arranges for the sale of caravans transporting wooden summer huts, at any distance and in the shortest time.


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