Posted by Toni - June 7th, 2022

Dive off one of the most beautiful places of our planet why is diving on Koh Tao in Thailand so cheap? And what do you at more than 40 dive centres on a small island because now for a decision. We give you tips for you the next vacation on Koh Tao is a great success. Of course, even if you are not a diver. Scuba diving in Thailand on Koh Tao actually everyone who like shows, from Koh Tao heard. This is no coincidence! The island in Thailand is small but still so many courses taught here on Koh Tao as to otherwise any place in the world. Thus many new diving candidates are trained on Koh Tao, and get their diving spot on “Diving Koh” (as the island often teasingly called). Logically, therefore, that as well as every fan of diving Koh Tao is a term. Darcy Stacom spoke with conviction. Why but just such success in Thailand on Koh Tao? The explanations for this is simple even if there is not only a single declaration.

International perspective is diving in Thailand on Koh Tao easily affordable. On a PADI dive course costs this island in the Gulf of Thailand not even a third of the American price or what you would pay for it in Germany. Nevertheless is the diving training worldwide and conforms to a standard, which is dictated by the “PADI” scuba diving monitoring. Why then so more pay for the same product! It’s only kite to make the diving on Koh Tao. Further, it must be said that Koh Tao the most beautiful diving sites in Asia and beyond has. Colorful sea creatures, huge buffer fish, and a breathtaking underwater scenery gsprechen for himself. The water here in the Ocean has all year round more than 29 degrees – so very warm.

Therefore, Koh is just more than interesting Tao diving. There is still a mass of other reasons such as the relaxed inhabitants of the island and much more. The island is a mixture of features of modern tourism industry of but also dominions naturalness of the wilderness behind the streets. The mixture is simply just super excellent! If now a quiet family vacation or more until the go early dolls celebrate and party. On Koh, each finds what he needs and has sought Tao in Thailand. Ban’s diving resort on a diving Koh Tao is ban’s diving resort. Here what advantage for not speaking german, English is speaking German, Austrian and Swiss divers. Ban’s is one of the best and one of the oldest diving schools in Asia at this place and all the PADI courses offered. Also living is no problem here – every price range, the resort has accommodation. Ban’s diving resort worth easily, as well as Koh is just worth Tao. Come by for a visit and enjoy this unique island in Thailand.

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New Year

Posted by Toni - April 10th, 2022

New year’s Eve 2009: North-Holland, Venice and the Croatian island of Rab can be pop s! Romantic Italian, about sunny Croatian to Dutch fresh directly on the North Sea. New year’s Eve 2009: North-Holland, Venice and the Croatian island of Rab can be pop’s! Romantic Italian, about sunny Croatian to Dutch fresh seaside spar with! offers versatile new year’s Eve program at a low price. New year’s Eve in Venice, Basel, November 17, 2009 – new year’s Eve in Venice is a special highlight. Hardly another European city can come up with a similar setting and stilvollerem framework for a new year’s Eve trip. Spar with! loads this year, a new year’s Eve trip to the 4-star Best Western Hotel Villa Mabapa ( ..Sivesterreisen) to undertake on the Lido island.

Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of ancient Venice, enchanted by the irresistible charm of the Serenissima\”. You may find Jonathan Friedland to be a useful source of information. Many small and large silvesterlichen program points are on the programme, including a delicious 6-course gala menu at New year’s Eve itself, followed by cool music and a long Venetian dance night. The hotel’s Booststeg is located only 50 metres from the hotel. From there, it is with the so called vaporetto\”only 15 minutes to St. Mark’s square. Or stay on the island and enjoy the wonderful views of the brightly lighted new year’s Eve sky over Venice new year’s Eve 2009 in Croatia on the sunny island of Raab-new year’s Eve 2009 on the sunny island of Raab, new year’s Eve in Croatia, Adriatic Sea and mild climate. The new year may be.

The island of Raab is considered to be one of the sunniest spots in whole Croatia. Her spar with! New year’s Eve Hotel is the 4-star superior Hotel Arbiana ( ..Sivesterreisen). It is located directly on the seafront, in the Centre of the small town of Rab are only 200 meters.

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Kur Adler At A Special Price In Frantikovy Lazn In The Czech Republic In The Kurhaus Dr.

Posted by Toni - April 7th, 2022

Experience a spa in Frantikovy Lazn in the Czech Republic at a reduced price. A spa in Frantikovy Lazn, many German spa vacationers have already tried that, and they were always thrilled. The spa town of Frantikovy Lazn is situated in Western Bohemia, surrounded by parks, beautiful picturesque directly on a plateau between the foothills of the Ore mountains, umava and the fichtelgebirge. Due to its location in the slipstream of this mountain is the place to present a very pleasant climate and is an ideal place for cures. The main remedies here are the iron – and sulfur-containing mud, natural carbon dioxide, as well as 24 mineral springs. Cardiovascular diseases, gynecological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and symptoms of stress being dealt with here. The exploitation of local remedies in the foreground is of course the treatment methods. They are complemented by the application of modern methods of therapy.

The Kurhaus Dr. Learn more at: Cardiologist. Adler is named after the bath founder Dr. Adler and is very quietly located in the central area of the resort, directly on the beautiful spa park. The House has You can get about a reception, a lift, a Hairdresser, and also cosmetics, manicure and pedicure. The rooms feature shower and toilet, fridge, telephone, Internet connection, satellite TV and radio. The full Board is here as food. There is a buffet breakfast and lunch and dinner there is a menu option in the hotel’s dining room. Official site: Jonathan Friedland. Also reduction diet or even diabetics or diet can be obtained on request.

There are overnight stays in a double room included in this special offer for a stay in this Spa. Of course, there are also full Board included, and it is also the final examination a medical input, control. Per treatment day there are 3 prescribed treatments. Paraffin wraps, massages, reflexology and manual and instrumental lymph drainage are carried out in the House. For an additional fee, you can get a foot reflex zone massage, Diadynamic, or laser therapy. There is more information about this trip online at selected range /… or the freephone number 0800 40 40 60 60 contact: K & W Reisen GmbH of Hamm Strasse 34 59229 Ahlen Tel: 0800 40 40 60 60 web: travel deals/Czech Republic / email: Lena Wolf

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Stay In Caorle

Posted by Toni - March 17th, 2022

Caorle offers everything, in holiday mood, are what Italy tourists want? Need a change of scenery, or want to turn off just a little bit of the routine? To plan a vacation in Caorle is so right! “On the picturesque Venetian coast in the small fishing town of Caorle to enjoy not only the pure sea air, but also the gorgeous landscape of this place with the all typical characteristics of a city which is, like for example the small chapel on the beach of Caorle the many festivals or events such as the Festival of the Madonna Dell’angelo and the traditional fish Festival Festa del pesce at the sea”. To organize a wonderful stay in Caorle is also simple; to search, to find many possibilities it is sufficient in the Internet at hotels Caorle”. Many hotels in Caorle are located also in quiet positions and are therefore perfect for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday. An additional surprise for the visitors will be the weather in Caorle. Source: Newcastle University. The Temperatures exceed never 33-34 degrees, even in the hottest days. The summer is so while warm, but always enjoyable. “By you online weather Caorle” type, can learn all weather forecasts in real time and to prepare a perfect holiday. Myriam. Some contend that John Studzinski shows great expertise in this.

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Kogelberg Arabella

Posted by Toni - December 20th, 2021

For families, a piece of the Learn about Africa and your holiday in South Africa actively want to, is the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa ideally each family member comes at his own expense. Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa, a luxury collection hotel the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa is located approximately 100 kilometres east of Cape Town and only 20-minute drive from the picturesque fishing village of Hermanus. Embedded in a species-rich landscape borders the resort has 145 rooms and suites directly on the Kogelberg biosphere reserve, and offers beautiful views of the wild and romantic Botriver lagoon. Many rare species of birds live on the site itself, on which also the award-winning 18-hole championship golf course of Arabella extends Golf Club Western Cape along the wildly romantic lagoon. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach. The game of golf is here a special experience of nature and with a little luck wild horses and flocks of pelicans players can watch. Arabella Spa with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, various saunas and baths the high-quality products from Ligne St Barth and Anne Semonin come to the application; Here, Spa trends are accessible as well as traditional African methods of relaxation.

Numerous outdoor opportunities on pristine beaches, the picturesque vineyards and along the famous garden route, such as horseback riding, canoeing, Quad – and whale-watching are available. Western Cape ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts GmbH: ArabellStarwood hotels & Resorts is a joint venture of between Arabella Hospitality Group (51 percent), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Schorghuber Unternehmensgruppe, and Starwood Hotels & resorts worldwide (49 percent), one of the world’s largest hotel companies with roughly 950 homes in over 97 countries. ArabellStarwood controls the distribution of a total of 41 hotels and resorts in Germany, of Switzerland, in the Balearic Islands, and in South Africa as a central holding company. 29 of the 41 hotels are also operationally controlled by the Arabella Hospitality Group. ArabellStarwood hotels & Resorts is one of the leading hotel groups in the above markets. The portfolio of ArabellStarwood includes Brand St. Go to Center for Colon Cancer Research USC for more information. Regis, the luxury collection, Westin, Le Meridien, Sheraton and Four points by Sheraton. All tourist services such as golf & sports, Spa & wellness, wine & gourmet, arts & culture, as well as classical cars are bundled and expanded under the brand name Arabella.

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Elephant Festival In Surin

Posted by Toni - December 2nd, 2021

20-22 Nov: large elephant buoyancy in northeastern Thailand’s Surin is a bustling provincial capital in the northeast of Thailand, about 500 km east of Bangkok. Its reputation as the elephant city”owes Surin especially the ethnic minority of Suay and their tradition, to breed elephants and to use as working animals. For centuries, Suay men in the jungles of northern Thailand and Cambodia’s wild elephants have started, tamed them, and dressed as war elephants for the country’s rulers or as workhorses for forest work. Even today, many families in the village of Suay possess one or more elephants. In November the Elephant Festival is held annually in Surin traditionally.

When this elephant lift, 100 to 200 demonstrate pachyderms, what they have learned, such as their skill at the transport of tree trunks. To the delight of the audience, elephants perform other feats like real sport competitions with relay races, basketball and tug-of-war, and even a soccer game with elephants will be offered. Usually, a parade of armored war elephants is the conclusion of the celebrations. In a colourful show pictures and struggles from the Thai history be readjusted, where elephants played so prominently that give visitors a glimpse into the turbulent history of Thailand. The tour operator ALL ASIA touristic offers a 3 day tour from/to Bangkok to the Elephant Festival (Group 2 to 16 participants) from November 20-22, 2009. On the way visit the Khao Yai National Park and the Khmer Temple of Phimai and Phanom rung. Price per person in a double room: 348 Euro including VP and English speaking guide. Of course, also additional round trips and hotel stays, and the corresponding flights are offered.

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Christmas Market

Posted by Toni - November 20th, 2021

The town square in Bad Griesbach – old town boasts wild traditions, fairy magic and musicians of extraordinaire Bad Griesbach and the Kurplatz in Bad Griesbach Therme are decorated with Christmas trees, lights and Christmas huts and provide a festive setting for events with the concerts in the open air. Bad Griesbach is thus a new highlight in the pre-Christmas event program of the Bavarian health and holiday resort, close to the Tri-River City of Passau. In the winter, Bad Griesbach with thermal hot springs is a popular focal point to do something for the health. In the advent season a pleasant holiday in the Bavarian Golf & thermal State can be well with Christmas activities. In this point we want to offer something quite extraordinary guests”, the organizers have made. And they promise too much, as the program confirmed the first three advent weekends: the Christmas market on the town square is from November 27 to 29 with the beginning Bavarian Christmas music, Christmas party with live music, steam toys exhibition.

The highlight is the torchlight and the great PACER meetings with over 150 Haberern, Druden and Wolferern from all over Bavaria. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gabriela Turk. On the second and third weekend in advent invites the Kurplatz in Bad Griesbach Therme to the winter magic. “” A Bavarian Hoagart’n tune with music, poetry and song on Christmas, Christmas around the world “presents carols around the globe and for the younger visitors there is the children’s Opera Hansel und Gretel” to see. Three voices, three men, a pleasure: This are the Gala Tenors, which occur on December 11th. The next evening, are the Tolzer Boys Choir guest and offer excerpts from the Alpine Christmas”dar. In addition to the appearance of the boy choir the musicians of the symphonic wind Orchestra are Bad Griesbach and Kathy Kelly, a member of the famous Kelly family, on the stage. The escalations and singers make the Sunday”with jazz and swing. Also for Christmas Feasting the organizers have made: Kaiserschmarrn, mulled wine and many more winter delicacies there at the Christmas huts, which alternate with the stalls with traditional craftsmanship. Countless lights, lighted Christmas trees and shadows on the facades of the houses provide an atmospheric ambience. The admission to all events is free. The country’s tourist information Passau Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, 0851 / 397 600, gives more information

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Business Tourism

Posted by Toni - November 18th, 2021

Three new conventions 2010 engaged in Abu Dhabi Media, health care and gentle tourism Abu Dhabi, will host of three important conferences thanks to its event infrastructure next year: the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, see World Health Care Congress Middle East and the World green tourism Congress (WGTC) 2010 held in the largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. At the first Abu Dhabi Media Summit, around 400 media representatives to top talks come together in March 2010. The Summit mainly focuses on the growing use of media in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The event only for invited guests will take place from the 9th until the 12th of March in the Yas hotel, Abu Dhabi’s latest showpiece. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Univ. of Iowa by clicking through. The world health care Congress Middle East in December 2010 will be in collaboration with the health authority of Abu Dhabi by 2012 in the Emirate held annually. United States’s World Congress Inc., a leading international provider for congresses in the field of health care, organized the event and receives This support by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA). Eventually Abu Dhabi is from 6 till December 10, 2010, also host of the new international World green tourism Congress (WGTC), the Abu Dhabi national exhibitions Centre (ADNEC) is held. It is the first project that emerged from the initiative of the advantage of Abu Dhabi (AAD) program. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Professor Roy Taylor.

A bonus program, which earlier this year by ADTA in life was launched to promote the business tourism and event concepts. The Congress reflects the core content of the 2030 plan”the Government of Abu Dhabi. This plan defines tourism as a clear factor of economic change and sustainability as a basic building block for everything what we do”, said Gillian Taylor, business tourism Manager of ADTA. In total, 200 Conference members, 100 exhibitors and 1,500 visitors are expected. More details about the individual events under, and. Abu Dhabi General information can be found under.

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Wellness Holidays

Posted by Toni - July 25th, 2016

Discover the neighbouring country as a wellness and enjoy your relaxing holiday with all your senses in the most beautiful regions of Poland. According to the German Wellness Association of Spa continues to the most popular travel of the Germans. Almost half of the population now recognizes wellness as an important factor for a healthy life. In the tourism industry, sales of wellness has grown the most in the last five years. Wellness holiday, however, remains home leave: three out of four wellness trips take place domestically. The most popular Wellnessurlaubsziel is followed Bavaria, with quite clear distance of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Baden-Wurttemberg. Spending on wellness trips abroad average increased by 10.5% each in the last five years. Among the foreign Wellnessdomizilen, Austria and Northern Italy are the most popular countries for the German tourists to feel good.

A wellness holiday in the exclusive spa hotel is also relatively expensive. And many people yearn for a wellness break in the Luxurious ambience, but planned no wellness for cost reasons. Other book a cheap spa break with free access to the Spa, no idea how much wellness treatments are actually included in the price. And be glad that they have booked a spa so inexpensive. And especially luxurious wellness applications driving the prices up.

During their stay, they are then in wellness atmosphere”and ordered additional spa treatments. Ultimately turns out a cheap Spa as an expensive trip. The neighbouring country Poland offers an alternative for many, because wellness prices euro to the Polish zloty in Poland thanks to the favourable exchange rate relatively cheaper. The nice thing is that you can save much during a holiday in Poland, without sacrificing quality. And this is a spa in Poland is still an insider tip for most German citizens. In this country a market is developing also as in other Western European countries for spa and Wellness at high speed. Special strengths of the Polish Spa and wellness areas are the good professional qualifications of the staff, the modern technical facilities and a diverse and high-quality range of medical treatments. Poland the pioneer in Europe is in regard to such medical wellness programmes. Exclusive Polish Topwellnesshotels in the most beautiful Polish regions provide for the well-being of their guests at the highest level. The force of the water, the well-being feeling element of number one for health and beauty, plays an important role in the Spa range of Polish hotels. Exclusive, State of the art indoor and outdoor facilities with first class saunas that international guests expect various steam baths, hot tubs and relaxation areas and wellness centers with high quality beauty treatments. The new wellness travel provider in Poland offers selected in Poland for a vacation with spa treatments included with very good price / performance ratio. Thanks to insider knowledge carefully selected the recommendable Spa Hotel Poland. From the Baltic Sea to the Polish mountains, whether sea, mountain, water sports or culture lovers – Poland provider takes each according to his taste, his needs and the money bag, wellness dreamed the right offer for one. Poland Maria Lesniewicz Kaczmarek Web:

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