Posted by Toni - July 29th, 2021

It is easy to tell cases of people who are suffering for its children, husbands, brothers, neighbors, passing for problems of violence caused by drugs. The humanity comes suffering for some types of violence, but the drugs are enclosing the families against the wall, they are being without exit. Why this happens? Of who it is the guilt? Of the society? Of the government? Good, all have a guilt parcel. Mothers are despaired, asking for the God who helps its children to leave to use drugs, of frequentar surrounding bad, but all that are there had left in house sad, hurt hearts, and already without hope, therefore they fight without adjusted weapons, ways, arguments. Nor she knows what they use, know that they cause terrible effect.

But that effect? A case of a mother was told who without aguentar the condition of the son, moored it the foot of the table, as a despairing act, already it does not want to see that boy that if it forgot to grow to live stealing, if destroying, bitter taste, sad, incontente, that look of child who if became adult, being unaware of the proper mother. She is necessary to know the land where if it steps on, to search information, to know the history of that definitive product, to verify the causes, the effect, the consequncias, to be able to help the people who pass for this drama. Exactly that already without hope, she is necessary to fight, to argue, to question, to speak with God. Thus you will be prepared to face a war, where the enemy to the times acts of invisible form. Crack is a drug that, in contrast of the majority of the narcotics, does not have its on origin the medicinal ends. It already was born as drug and is gotten through the plant of the cocaine, having been a by-product of the cocaine. .