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Posted by Toni - November 25th, 2021

Appeared in Russia a little over ten years ago, suspended ceilings (Ryazan, like most other cities, is experiencing an ever-increasing demand for the latest construction technologies and materials) quickly attracted attention of millions of people. The reason is that they solve several critical problems faced by the people, started repairs. Additional information at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. supports this article. In particular, this technology allows you to finish with little effort to hide cracks elevation changes, stains and other defects ceilings, which, alas, not rare even in new homes. If the landlord is required to realize the non-standard designs, the suspended ceilings will be an excellent choice. In such a ceiling can easily be mounted any lighting system, sensors, burglar and fire alarm systems, as well as modern ventilation.

Ryazan presents the data type of work is no less requirements, rather than Moscow, ceilings are the most attractive solution to most common tasks that can not handle other finishing technology. Now in our market there products French, Swiss, Italian and Belgian companies. Most manufacturers use in polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is a fairly cheap material, which, nevertheless, has some tangible advantages. C in terms of decor vinyl film based on polyvinyl chloride is very interesting. Suffice it to say that pvc ceilings boast dozens of colors and textures. Mirrored ceilings and varnished visually increase the height of the room and reflect light, mat – provide an excellent imitation of plaster surfaces, and transparent, in contrast, passing light, creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, which is impossible to convey in words. Also available to buyers are imitation satin fabrics, suede, velvet, leather and 'gilded' surfaces.

On the basis of these designers can create unusual and very interesting interiors combine different types of ceilings or vaulted to the so-called cascades, which is ideally located sources of illumination, and ventilation (Ryazan, or rather its inhabitants in recent years tend to just such interiors, in which all accessories hidden from visitors). Vinyl, along with aesthetic, also has excellent performance. She staunchly resists moisture and temperature changes, as well as has excellent durability. Choosing suspended ceilings (Ryazan offers a large selection of the most advanced materials), people make the best decision, because, perhaps, is the only technology of finishing premises, which will save the property in case of flooding from the upper floors. The elastic film allows ceilings contain loads of up to 100 liters. Water on 1 square. M. The only condition – you can not bleed on their own, because unskilled actions will cause harm to the ceiling, and lead to other negative consequences. We can not say that the suspended ceilings into technology and comply with all existing standards of quality. They are within long retain their shape, are absolutely safe for health, it is very easy to install, excellent resistance to aggressive environmental effects, and look great in any interior. The cost of vinyl film pleasantly surprised. It is much cheaper than all the analogues, but in no way inferior to them in terms of qualitative characteristics. It is for these reasons, many experts believe the future of technology, suspended ceilings and tipped them ubiquitous in the coming years.


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