Posted by Toni - May 18th, 2016

From there as they affirm the social scientists, to say that geography cultural it only can be developed recently does not mean wants to say that this domain has remained ignored for the researchers, in the truth this thematic one was boarded inside of a context however if they did not make use of ways necessary to always analyze it in all its amplitude, being the same ones made of partial forms. Strengthened ours idea, we can in the apia in chaval how much exemplifica: ' ' In France, in the start of the century, the notion of sort of life has an ecological, naturalistic dimension it serves mainly to show as the groups if they adaptam to the environment. It also has, however, a social and cultural dimension: as woollen note Vidal Blache, the force of the habit becomes so strong that the human group loses its plasticity. Instead of if adapting to the way, it looks for to modify it to remain with its habits, is observed for occasion of the migrations; the just-fond ones in a country make everything in general to continue to live as they made and its native countries. Woollen Vidal Blache who made of the sort of life one of the axles of geography human being who it elaborates, is in such a way, the first one to suggest that it can have a cultural dimension. (chaval- 1995). Party of the estimated one that the culture does not only speak of the space, more also of landscapes we will go now to retake our study of case whose the thematic one in focus is the diversified one of cultural aspects of the manguezais in particular of the fens of coc. The artistic culture around the manguezais in Brazil, meets located mainly in the regions North and Northeast.


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