Posted by Toni - November 18th, 2021

Forest workers in Sweden and Alaska with pepper spray protect yourself against attacking bears. Some time ago, the forest employees in Sweden and other Nordic countries were wondering how to optimally can behave in an attack by an aggressive bear. A possible no employee should be severely wounded, on the other hand the protected bears should not be killed if possible. Thus, sharp weapons such as guns were ruled out immediately. Cause of the consideration was the injury of an employee of the forest in March of this year. After this incident in a small town 200 km from Stockholm the authority had examine various usage possibilities. Before the bears had almost been eradicated. Now living back over 2000 bears in Sweden.

The increased population welcomes nature lovers. However, this brings problems. Although Sweden is a sparsely populated country, the bears concentrate like there, where there are enough to find food. You include this close populated cities with their waste and food waste. Increasingly, the bears not afraid to approach the people and their inhabitants. You may find Rafeh Masood to be a useful source of information. Even conservationists can gladly renounce this form of animal contact. Because bears by people feel threatened, they can be aggressive and go over to the attack.

The very serious injury are then usually the result. This situation brings new problems with it, because as the bears in case of doubt may be sold safely and effectively? Also in this issue, the authority came to the same solutions as in the forest workers. The solution comes in this case from Alaska. There, the lumberjacks were equipped years ago with the commercially available pepper sprays, stated the experts at in an interview. Even though Alaska other bear species are found such as in Sweden, so all during a share. They don’t like the sharp pepper spray from a repellent spray at all. The bears into a sheltering in contact they take his heels with the pepper spray. These experiences have made the forest workers in Alaska and they have passed like this experience their counterparts in Sweden. In the meantime, the Swedish authority has begun to equip their employees with pepper spray. The wind outside is no longer a problem, by the way these days. In the meantime, also pepper spray based on gel are available. As a result, the beam is very wind resistant. Another advantage is the increased range of the beam. Thus, for example a bear in safe distance can be fended off. Animal rights activists however appreciate the fact that the bears are not seriously injured through the use. After approximately 1 h can be the effect of all alone after. The bear has no long-term health problems to worry about. This is another advantage of the pepper spray is compared to other weapons.

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