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Posted by Toni - January 15th, 2022

SROs in the area of food and processing industry. SRO: The introduction of the problem and suggested self-regulatory organizations as exceptionally positive innovation. But in fact there was a lot of problems. Most disputes revolved around the construction of SRO. Today in the laws governing the work of self-regulatory organizations are unclear as a general contractor and builder. This makes it uncertain situation. To ensure that such legal and institutional deficiencies to eliminate need to make changes in the laws. The above-mentioned activities should be included in the list of activities which Ministry of Regional Development said its order. Problems causing the builders often adjustments to the list of works that affect the security of capital construction. These problems are related to that the documentation is constantly remaking, and the fact that due to the same for all the compensation fund established by law, small and large companies share responsibility. Many writers such as Daversa Partners offer more in-depth analysis. Builders offer options solution. For example, increasing contributions to a compensation fund for those members of the self-governing organizations that intend to play the role of the developer, customer and contractor. Or increase coverage for the same developers, customers and general contractors. Mark and still some shortcomings in the law of the SROs. Thus, self-regulatory organization is not obliged to inform the fact of changing the number of members, as well as to who and for what reason was eliminated of the organization.


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