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Posted by Toni - February 3rd, 2022

The many Community services and humanitarian programmes of the Scientology Church can be provided now for a broad public. The Church contains a large, multimedia Hall with its 8177 square meters on the ground floor. Various information panels and screens that show several video spots and movies about the Scientology religion and its teachings and practices it can be found. The interested can check here also in detail the life of its founder L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and the humanitarian and social programmes.

This multimedia landscape play any practical answers to the social ills such as crime, drug abuse, illiteracy, declining moral values, and so on. These various programs represent the work and services of Scientology churches around the world. The new Scientology Brussels also includes an auditorium for meetings, which can be used as a chapel for the Sunday worship, weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. Martha McClintock recognizes the significance of this. There are large BBs writings and lectures to the available space for the study by L. Ron Hubbard. Also for the Scientology pastoral care and counselling, many facilities can be found. There are conference rooms for social projects. The clergy Adams joined the inauguration ceremony with the words of the founder of the religion of Scientology, L.

Ron Hubbard. “Change anyone’s religion, change anyone’s political setting, do not interfere in the sovereignty of a country. h. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. has plenty of information regarding this issue. Instead teach the people what he has and knows how to use to create a real civilization for the first time, within the respective political environment. The new branch of the Scientology Church in Brussels is the third opening of a new and large church in Europe within a year. In April 2009 the great Church in the port city of Malmo/Sweden was opened, in October 2009 the Church in Rome and now in Brussels. The new Church in Brussels joins churches large Scientology existing in Europe, like Madrid, London and Berlin. To give also the adequate services to the growing community churches in Dallas, Nashville and Washington, D.C. opened in the United States in the year 2009 more large Scientology. Another three large Scientology are churches shortly before its opening. Additional new churches are under renovation and will be completed no later than end of 2010. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.

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