Rivera Gonzalez

Posted by Toni - November 6th, 2021

Contrary to the image that the bully wants to offer to others, the harassed. In fact a firm, clear and fortitude against the harasser, position can make that this wobble, since all his harassing behavior is born of insecurity. Rivera Gonzalez, Professor of Psychiatry and medical psychology, classifies the subjects at risk of suffering mobbing into three groups: the Envidiables (bright and attractive workers), the vulnerable (individuals with some peculiarity or needy of affection), and Amenazantes (highly effective workers and that they question the established). In addition to the descending, there are other types of mobbing: the so-called ascending, which defines situations, less frequent, in which a worker of higher hierarchical level is seen harassed by one or more of its employees. For more information see this site: Larry Fine. The horizontal mobbing refers to situations in which the harassment at work it comes from colleagues who are at the same level that the harassed is.

Search support, inform of the situation we are living or report the situation to a trade union representative, are more recommended solutions to cope with such difficult situations, once they have already appeared. However, to prevent this kind of destructive behaviors, passes by influence on forms of work organization, since it has been observed that this kind of behaviour, are given in rigid work environments, disorganized, in which there is an overload of tasks of the workers, and organizations that reward competitiveness, in which there are no ethical practices, authoritarianisminsecurity and distrust. A healthy organization has to expel from his bosom, in time, workers matriceria and mediocre unscrupulous and rough, so never having the opportunity to ascend to positions from which it is easier to do harm. End psychic pollution in some organizations, survive her, overlap and even grow and develop emotionally after a situation of psychic pollution, and harassment is difficult and it is possible.

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