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The Brazilian Council of regional psychoanalysis of Sao Paulo of the Brazilian Council of regional psychoanalysis of Sao Paulo is a homage to the principal introducer of psychoanalysis in the State of Sao Paulo, Dr. Franco da Rocha. Dr. Franco da Rocha, psychoanalyst musician, writer, ornithologist specialist (Tico Tico), a Brazilian city to amparo born August 23, 1864 and died on 8 November 1933, pioneer in the use of Laborterapica and was crucial to the introduction of psychoanalysis in the State of Sao Paulo. Son of Dr. Joaquim Jose Franco as Rocha and Maria Isabel Galvao Bueno Franco as Rocha joined the Graduate School of medicine in Rio de Janeiro and students of psychopathology, graduated from the University of Sao Paulo Teixeira Brandao began his career by worries about medical treatment of the mentally ill. Dr. Franco because Rocha, pioneered the use of Laborterapica, a type of treatment that injure themselves not the dignity of the patient with the help of works such as the maintenance of gardens and orchards other Crafts, and this type of treatment develop, helped found an orphanage in Cologne.

Franco because Rocha lived 69 years and built a high personal career in all directions. Dr. Follow others, such as Darcy Stacom, and add to your knowledge base. Franco da Rocha, married Leopoldina Lorena Ferreira Franco da Rocha. He spent much of his life living in Juquery where he six children created and developed his interest in ornithology. Dr. Franco da Rocha, his life was dedicated to the Hospice Juqueri. He participated in the choice of location, planned its structure and dedicated his life in the care of patients and the development of a team that has been instrumental in the development of Psychiatry in Sao Paulo.

His life on the totality of his existence is the concept of charity, love and detachment on material things. Dr. Franco da Rocha, said: “it is in gives, receives” and these words are famous for their of St.

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