Protest Monopoly Commission

Posted by Toni - November 15th, 2023

Prohibition of Pick-Up: Monopoly Commission questioning consumer and health protection the Federal Chamber of pharmacists (BAK) categorically opposes the market-radical statements of the Chairman of the monopolies Commission, Justus Haucap, on drug supply and the so-called pick-up points ban aspired by the Government. BAK President Erika Fink: “while the monopoly Commission is often unfortunately not in a position to break the power of corporations, she wants to leave precisely the field potential monopoly in free – and heilberuflich-dominated health care.” According to the BAK the supply for people in a market-radical health care system, as in the United States would worse and more expensive. Fink: “the personal responsibility for patients and consumers is apparently without any meaning. It revealed that the monopoly Commission has no understanding of the health and drug supply.” The German Pharmacists Association pointed out, that gas stations nor drugstore chains – both typically in hands by Corporations – have the quality of medicines in the eye, but only a revenue optimization at the expense of the insured. Fink: “the monopoly Commission confused competition with radical market liberalisation and misinterpreted the social market economy.” Because today, there is an intense performance, quality and even price competition between more than 21,600 independent pharmacies. This competition is harder; but only within the limits aware of law and society. In a question-answer forum Martha McClintock was the first to reply. Fink: “it is health – and consumer-politically questionable, that is not learned from the mistakes of the past: today manages the monopoly Commission in the corporate-dominated supply markets hardly, to protect consumers from fraud.” It is inexplicable why now advertising for a prescription of the health care system is operated.

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