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Posted by Toni - December 10th, 2021

As a benefit from it, you have only part of the cost of private insurance, as these receive some of the costs reimbursed by the employer. Another crucial advantage of the benefits of private health insurance. Because these benefits are larger than the benefits to some of the statutory health insurance funds. The fact that the policyholders own the fare with the individual services can put together, we can expand the scope of services or even narrow. If you are insured with private health insurance, you will also preferred in all medical practices, especially in the specialized practices before the legally insured. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Parkinson’s Disease. This preference is also has the dentists. This is because the dentists and doctors in the patients with private insurance, settle accounts with much higher rates, the benefits may. Moreover, one can want to be doctors, one of which was treated then freely choose as a private patient.

It is also not necessary to have a referral from the GP to the specialists, must have the current locale as insured. If you are insured with a private health insurance, it also does not wait long for appointments with the specialists. And when you then have the date, it has no annoying long wait, which one then has to spend in the waiting room. One can also change the doctor at any time. This is possible in the statutory sickness funds are not in a quarter when one was not referred ausfrucklich.

As a private patient you get a lot of investigating, the current locale does not pay health insurance, paid. From the PHI will be reimbursed as a rule, new and expensive tests and new drugs. This is often also true for the contraceptive pill. This is paid by the PHI, in contrast to the statutory health insurance funds. Also one must not as a private patient to pay the medicines and the medicines. The cost of treatment by the healer be borne by the private health insurance in general. As a contact lens wearer pder you can also enjoy some advantages in the private health insurance. For the cost of glasses that are tinted or anti-reflective coating to be transferred. Even the structures of the glasses are a major part to be paid. The cost for soft or hard gas permeable contact lenses are also be taken over by the private health insurance.


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