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Posted by Toni - October 9th, 2021

These tests include: * X-ray * MRI (projection of) magnetic resonance imaging) * CT scan (automated tomography) * bone biopsy * discography * Myelography * studies electrodiagnosticos what causes back pain? Back pain may be as a result of an accident, injury or an underlying condition (degenerative, metabolic, or congenital). Conditions that can cause back pain conditions that can cause back pain include: * degenerative diseases such as spinal stenosis, spondolitica disease, discogenica, common hypertrophy disease * injury or traumatic accidents such as vertebral fractures, tensions and lumbar sprains, ligamentous injuries, musculoskeletal injuries * swelling as adhesive, arthritis (e.g. Ankolysing Spondylitis) * bacterial or viral infections such as meningitis, vertebral osteomyelitis, epidural abscesses, infection of urinary tract, intervertebral discitis, Radiculopathy * congenital diseases such as spondylosis * metabolic diseases such as osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, diabetic Radiculopathy * a tumor that can be benign or malignant tumor. A malignant tumor can be primary or metastatic. Learn more about this with The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Factors that contribute to a number of factors back pain may contribute to increase the risk of back pain: * sedentary lifestyle * poor posture * ageing * obesity * hereditary * pregnancy * smoking * factors psychological * factors related to the aid work for mild symptoms of back pain back pain can be relieved with natural oils massages, applying a cushion hot or a water bottle to the affected area. Medications without a prescription such as ibuprofen or paracetamol can help reduce swelling and pain. More severe symptoms of back pain can be treated with analgesics, NSAIDs and muscle relaxing injections in the ligament.

Physical therapy which involves transportation-electrical nerve stimulation, behavioral, exercises, spinal manipulation and feedback therapy therapy is also beneficial. Your doctor can also refer you to a chiropractor for spinal manipulation. Other treatment options that are effective when they are used together with the medication include acupuncture, massage with natural oils, hydrotherapy, biological feedback, meditation and yoga. Holistic and natural medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat the pain and discomfort of back pain. Treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies are safe and peaceful areas of use without the unwanted side effects of prescription medicine. These herbs not only provide symptomatic relief, but are also effective for overall health and well-being. Herbal ingredients such as Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil’s claw) have powerful features that help maintain health while that glucosamine sulfate is great for the joints and cartilage. In addition, Boswellia serata promotes joint comfort and mobility of the muscle.

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