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Posted by Toni - March 16th, 2014

When in our role as writers we are able to communicate what you think the character without having to explain it with the dialogue, and the words carry them by a different of the obvious emotional side, began to peek at the level of excellence. The subjective world of girl with the Pearl, full of subtexts of height, was not created by a writer but by a director. And a more and more understood, that at times, the director, is screenwriter, and as says Peter Webber and so many others to which I I agree, there is not one but three forgers of the screenplay: the screenwriter, director and editor. When all added together get the magic that we embelesa as spectators. It is sufficient that one fails, and breaks, but if accomplished the fundamental harmony between the three, one or more Excel, we remain fascinated. Does maybe anyone doubt that the script is much more than a set of well written words? Recognize the role of the director and of the editor in the script not less screenwriter makes me nor subtraction importance to the script written as the basis of any audiovisual work, but quite the opposite.

If the Foundation is strong, it allows the work that builds on it, to reach unimaginable heights. What makes that screenwriter addresses the translation of his creation to life that is projected through the screen proud. Something that is only possible if screenwriters, directors and editors are no longer empachar with words burgers and look beyond the letter. If the We do, we will avoid annoying beads of ink that burst and fall to the eyes, clouding the vision of what we should create with our works: intangible and human emotions. Just so our work will be, perhaps, that dream when we gave him life. Valentin Fernandez-Tubau original author and source of the article.

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