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Posted by Toni - June 27th, 2023

E-Marketing is the study of tactics and strategies of the use of electronic media (mainly Web) in order to attract and retain customers through advertising and the sale of products and services. Marketing Online adds greater relevance and strategic value for companies in achieving capture and retain customers on the Internet or any other electronic means via numerous and successful tactics and strategies. In Latin America have different, and excellent solutions in online marketing, especially countries already advanced as Chile, Mexico and Colombia. To know more about this subject visit National Foundation for Cancer Research. Some smaller countries are adapting to new forms of advertising, increasing budgets and initiatives online, between these Panama and El Salvador. We cannot leave behind advertising agencies offline that daily changes and increase their links with recognized experts in internet advertising as they are,, or the Hispanic this because of the still little experience in advertising in Internet or lack of platforms. For 2010 it will increase online marketing I believe that if..


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