Mauricio Abadi

Posted by Toni - January 2nd, 2022

However, shortly after I start to feel some vibration in the carriage and see the beginning of a crack in one side. They are the horses that I drive on terrible roads; grab all the wells, they are uploaded to the sidewalks, lead me through dangerous neighborhoods.I realize that I have no control of anything; the horses I dragged to where they want. At first, this course was very nice, but in the end I feel that it is very dangerous. Beginning to scare me and realized me that this also serves. At that moment I see my neighbor passing out there, in your car.

Insult him:-I did!I shout: – you lack the Coachman! – Ah! I say.With great difficulty, and with your help I sofreno horses and decided to hire a Coachman. A few days assumes functions. It is a formal and dignified man with the face of little humor and great knowledge. It seems to me that now I’m Yes ready to truly enjoy the gift that made me. I climb, I settle, look head and Indian to the driver where to go. He leads, he controls the situation, he decides the proper rate and choose the best route.

I I enjoy the journey.We have born, left our House and we found a gift: our body. Our body shortly after birth recorded a desire, a need, a requirement instinctive, and moved. This carriage would not serve anything if he had no horses; they are the wishes, needs and the affections.Everything is going well for a while, but at some point we started to realize that these wishes came us a little risky and sometimes dangerous roads, and then we need to sofrenar them. Here is where the figure of the Coachman: our head, our intellect, our ability to think rationally.The Coachman is used to evaluate the path, the path. But those who really pulling the carriage are your horses.Don’t let the Coachman to neglect them. They have to be fed and protected, because what would you do without horses? What would you if you were only body and brain? If you did not have any desire, how would life be? It would be like those people who goes around the world without contact with their emotions, leaving only his brain push the carriage. You can obviously not neglect the carriage, because it has to last for the entire project. And this will involve repair, care, refine what is necessary for its maintenance. If anyone cares, the carriage is broken, and if you break ended the trip in relation to love, especially the one that is shared with the partner selected freely, manifested some reflections that indicate as noted by Mauricio Abadi, that: Feelings, unlike the passions, are more durable and are anchored to the perception of external reality. Construction love begins when I can see what I have across the street when I discover another. It is there where love supersedes the infatuation. We speak of love in the sense of we care about the well-being of the other.Nothing more and nothing less. Love like that invades the body and soul and well-being that takes hold when I can see each other without wanting to change it.More important that the way of being of the other, care well-being that I feel their side and their well-being to my side. The pleasure of being with someone who occupies one sure well, you perceive what we need and enjoy give us it, that makes love. Original author and source of the article.

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