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Posted by Toni - August 7th, 2022

Marrakesh, in Morocco, is a full extraordinary city of enchantment and that offers innumerable attractions, like leisure, nocturnal life, purchases and visits to tourist places. Marrakesh is well-known, and quite rightly, as the Rep it of the South and has a charming and very peculiar character, besides lodging some of the more amazing places of interest of Morocco and all the North Africa. Darcy Stacom, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. Marrakesh was founded on 1070 and was conceived originally like abierta, cosy and tolerant city. ful source of information. In fact, almorvides conceived a multicultural urban space on purpose where Saharan, sub-Sahara, bereberes, Jews and Andalusians could coexist and be mixed of harmonious form. This concord and pacific coexistence remain in the modern urban configuration, designed on the base of a deep respect by the main religions: the Muslims in medina, Hebrew in center on his mellah, and the Christians in the new district of Gueliz, although actually the members of the three communities live in all the sectors of the city.

One of the most interesting places in Marrakesh the Fna is the Jemaa place, one of the animated places more of Africa and worldwide. The place is shaken with almost all the main traditional offices, as you write public, fortune tellers, water carriers, accountants of histories, starters of teeth and herbolarios, and type of artists and entertainers yet, like acrobat, snake charmers, musician, dancer and swallow-fire. In his zoco, the greater traditional market of Morocco, can be found any thing that is looking for, and it is even possible to be given with things that one never had imagined. All type of crafts products, woven gastronomical handmade, products and spices, as well as works of art and antiques, fashion or the best furniture can be bought in this spectacular market, that in addition is able to make travel to its visitors in the time. The low cost of the life and a very advantageous fiscal system invites the visitors, especially of Europe, to choose Marrakesh like their second, and even their first one, home. About 4000 or 5000 immigrants, the majority of French them, reside at present in Marrakesh.

The prices of real estate and the rents are properly low in comparison with other tourist destinies, which urges many foreigners to buy properties in Marrakesh. In addition, Marrakesh is the main tourist destiny of Morocco, it almost welcomes a million and average one of visitors in the year and offers the great range of attractions and services. So if they wish to relax and to enjoy calm and placid vacations, or if they prefer an exciting experience, stimulating and full of adventure, Marrakesh it is the perfect destiny. The Ocher City not only offers culture and a fascinating tradition, monuments and innumerable attractions, but also that has a great nocturnal life, a cheap and delicious gastronomy and multitude of opportunities to go of purchases. In addition, the hotels in Marrakesh are of great quality and very reasonable, mainly typical riads in Marrakesh, floods of enchantment and very economic. Their inhabitants will welcome to them with the open arms and safe that they will enjoy unforgettable vacations.


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