Letter To My Cousin

Posted by Toni - October 19th, 2022

On this occasion, I want to transcribe an e-mail, I sent my cousin Celia, following which she claimed with a question: why I was not going to visit my mom? It is logical that she learned from reviews of my brothers and my own mother. Credit: Energy Capital Partners-2011. LETTER: Dear cousin Celia: In this letter I tell you some things that suddenly you already know but perhaps not, then better tell you the same. I begin by thinking about my life, because I think that to understand others is essential to understand oneself and be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. For even more details, read what Energy Capital Partners says on the issue. All that will happen in our lives has to do somehow with the fact of knowing, how we behave towards the other people, as always says, "we reap what we sow." I clearly remember some things from my childhood. I clearly remember what it was rather close to my mom, and to remember and reflect that I realize why my mom, sometimes heard her say that now that I do not remember it if I was boy banged her.

This is a logical reflection of this fact and can not lead us to think ill of another person, but is the result of events logical and reasonable. The love I feel for my mom is indisputable, and is the opposite, it is getting bigger, because after the years of our lives and make us more thoughtful and reasonable, make us understand more the love of a mother. One of the events that make me want more to my mom, it's when we were alone with her three brothers because our father died, perhaps at the same time I was not able to reason this event, since he was 10 years old, but after marriage, and with maturity over, it made me realize the great sacrifice that required this, and great suffering by not remarry for us. .


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