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Posted by Toni - February 8th, 2024

High in the ICU I was an anonymous citizen representing the nevi of Peru was the message of faith and optimism for the thousands of patients who still await Gabriel Marcel smiled openly and I seemed to hear him: you Moriras never! But the thinkers of the slaveholding Rome told him to remember that is mortal, now, my pupils regodeaban, enzymes decreased albumin rose, bilirubin descended, the alpha fetal protein normalizes was entitled to laugh!, and the excellent work of doctors and nurses in the ICU was entitled to be shown! And therefore there was smiling!, telling the world Yes, We Can – if is can!- and that image was engraved on the glias of those who went and looked at some they did not believe and ask is the Trasplantado?, also received tokens of esteem and support – some very effusive – from doctors, nurses, technicians, men and women, with all modesty and Humility, I was grateful! It was October 16th 8 am-, a Thursday, the first day post-op! Dr. Martin Padilla had been throughout the morning and already was there again some joked saying that I had not been transplanted, they had only taken the gallbladder, calculations or cecal Appendix I not exaggerated, no pretending, no was doped could sit, walk, felt no pain, he could cross one leg over the other, did not require oxygen and even more had hunger Maruja came earlyHe got dressed entered the box 12 of the ICU, it was my private nurse, which is also necessary in this long post-operative arrived Bachelor Caesar, ventilatory therapy, he knew of atelectasis, 3 hours was devoted to the breathing in the control Board exercises are appreciated improvement. I received several visits, they came mother, then father, excited, happy arrived Drs. Luis Bromley, Walter Gomez Navarro, the Anesthesiologist Eusebio Palomino, I was happy, squeezed his hand tightly, and thanked him for having brought the anaesthesia without major incident. I also spent hours exercising with the acapella ventilatory therapy, all the medicine received it parenteral this day. And the power received it by the Naso-jejunal tube through syringes, recalling all the experiences of this day I fell asleep! The next day, on October 17, they began to listen me bowel sounds, were scarce but decided to test liquid diet and brought me some soup, Que rico!, taste in the mouth, walked around the room!, that beautiful was stepping on the floor with my feet! I was sitting on the couch, I was writing some data. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. might disagree with that approach. Some experiences this day visited me Karin and Michael, they were surprised, they looked frightened, happy repeated finally God Mio!, how are you?, how do you feel? And ten more, questions I hugged and kissed, went calmer, I was also happy. I tolerated liquid diet gave Me soft diet, I tolerated both worked the intestine!, Jackson drains they wrested!, don’t hurt me, he walked, I sat on the couch, you exercising my lungs, had slept well, he had no fever. At 48 hrs. Having entered the ICU he was leaving high!

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