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Posted by Toni - November 30th, 2021

Revenue and cost pressure seven step on the way to the customer-focused leadership means, the ideas I’ve run a company. It remains far above only with a wealth of ideas, with continuous customer-focused enhancements, as well as with successful innovations. And how to develop innovative ideas? First it requires a good base: an open innovation culture and a supportive innovation climate, based on risk, continuous desire to learn and a high fault tolerance. Then it’s quickly operational. Who wants to systematically develop new features, designed for example: innovation workshops together with customers, so that benefits not only the company, but also the customers learn from each other creative think tanks under expert guidance with selected creative techniques in a creative place outside the company regular, extended, informal creative breakfasts with brainstorming, best in a special creative room an ideas fair, where the staff can present their wildest ideas and evaluate a Green meadow event, the one after outside goes best in an energetic place with trickling water a creative zone in the intranet with creative blogs and wikis suggestion: a discontinued model the fast and loose Web 2.0 technologies have already largely replaced the portly suggestion with its bureaucratic bodies and tough assessment procedures. BMW intranet computers are, for example, in the production halls, so the mechanics can enter their findings and suggestions directly on-site. In the Internet, ideas can easily comment, enrich and evaluate and weight. Meanwhile, many companies use corporate wikis as knowledge platform, to all interested employees in a grassroots way a continuous collection of idea and innovation to be.

Constant optimizations ensure easy adding and linking structures. All posts are documented as in our wiki, that everyone can see who contributed what\”, explains Frank Roebers, Chairman of the Board of Synaxon AG, a provider of collaboration models for computer dealers. \”People who themselves had previously never dared to say something, use the wiki to express their opinion,\” said a Synaxon fellow in the magazine brand eins. Moe Howard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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