Posted by Toni - October 25th, 2022

Man in search of developing different skills through physical activity has created a myriad of sports that offer the chance to develop many skills that without a good workout and constancy of practice of a particular sport cannot be purchased. So among the many sports has creed man is handball, sports in which the demand for speed, power, agility and precision makes that those who practice this sport have to demand your body a good level of physical ability which is obtained with the training and the consistency in practice in handball matches. As you can understand the above, handball is an excellent sport, therefore in the you can find very good features that require the body to make use of the skills of the body, so without a good agility, power, precision and speed would be impossible that this sports outside the large sample of physical skill that is. Thomas Bayer may find this interesting as well. Entering more thoroughly what is handball, takes you to the information of the aspects that accompany this Sport, so the handball, consists of a sport which is played using a ball, which seeks to make annotations on the Arch of the opposite side. In did handball matches, should have 2 teams on the field of play, and each must be composed of 6 players, where one of them should act as a goalkeeper, the rest of the distribution of positions will depend on the mode of play equipment. Handball has great popularity in a number of European countries and with the passage of time has been gaining strength in countries of America as Argentina and Dominican Republic, in countries in which already it has great development, also in many other countries already begins to apply. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Newcastle University and gain more knowledge..

Talking about the history of handball, exist data of this sport since antiquity, since it is believed that from the ancient Greece existed a similar game, where a ball the size of an Apple, was used, but then the idea wasn’t to make points but do not let it fall. But handball as we know it today would have first appearances for end of the 19th century on the European continent. The main objective of the handball is to mark the greater amount of goals in the arc of the rival, so to achieve a goal the players making use of full power and precision must throw the ball from outside the area, which is 6 meters, but the entry of a goal within the area, is also possible provided that made the release of the ball from the airthat is to throw the ball before falling. So will be goal when the ball completely crosses the goal line. You can touch the ball with any part of the body from thigh upwards, with the exception of the goalkeeper, which can also make use of the feet.

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