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Posted by Toni - November 28th, 2021

Traceability of goods and minimized error rate the statutory regulations in the food industry are far more extensive and special, as in most other industries. That’s a good thing, because only so we can buy food and eat as a consumer with a clear conscience. Additional information at Peter Rose supports this article. For the health of many people, it can be crucial to know which goods when delivered to what place exactly. A big responsibility that requires perfect cooperation between the logistics and merchandise management. That this is absolutely doable, the Munster-based GWS has company for merchandise management systems mbH together with its strategic partner of proLogistik GmbH + Co. KG from Dortmund at the Ebacko bakery and confectioners shopping EC Munster proved: gevis and pl – store work hand-in-hand at the highest level. The Ebacko arts and confectioners shopping EC Munster, with 466 members are one of the largest of the 42 BKO regional cooperatives in Germany, and GWS since many years a team at the Topic IT. So, it seemed that turned the purchasing cooperative with about 50 employees and a turnover by EUR 110 million with the issue of warehousing and logistics optimization to the Munster-based specialist in 2008 and asked for assistance.

As soon as possible, an efficient solution should be developed with the product traceability is quick and maximum possible, and failures due to exceeding minimum durability data remain out. The absolutely smooth linking of the new warehouse management system with the years used merchandise management system gevis the GWS added the request list. The GWS is turned to its strategic partner of proLogistik GmbH + Co. KG from Dortmund and a highly innovative and absolutely trouble-free coupling of Aileen implemented with her with their online warehouse management system pl – store. For the realization, in particular the successful implementation with the GWS in a similar project at the BKO Franconia EC said besides numerous references of proLogistik with regard to food.

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