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Posted by Toni - March 2nd, 2022

It is recommended that the selection process by integrating the different teams who work in the organization, including such outdoor experiences, simulations, role play, etc. .. which makes evident that competence in situations that are close to the reality that will to live in office When management has structured cohesive work teams, integrated, committed to their performance and provide favorable results as planned, then notice the results, the benefits that this generates, and are cited: it allows easier achievement of objectives contributes to improving the quality of life of members adds value to the processes Each member can put in the service of the team allows to share their skills goals and objectives of the work for its part Analy Meneses said the following: Advantages: Al be different people, each given a particular contribution to the team. Some will have more manual skills, while others will give you a greater use of his intellect. There will be leaders and followers. In short, diversity will cross-fertilization.

Try razocinio beings capable of, it is logical to find people who disagree because of differences in their ideas, but which is beneficial considering getting more creative in solving problems. It achieves the integration of specific targets in a common goal. Prevails, tolerance and respect for others. When you feel a real part of a team, where they are taken into account, people are motivated to work with higher performance. Promotes reduced staff turnover to perform in a place that is agreeable.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to coordinate the work of a human group for diversity in ways of thinking, abilities, willingness to work, responsibility, among other factors and then direct them toward a common goal. Many differences in the ways of thinking can lead to dividing the group discussions. Understand that teamwork involves responsibilities as such, it is possible that no one wants to make mistakes on your own. Conclusion Certainly, the modern enterprise management needs a leader capable of creating well-integrated work teams, to commit to his leadership, so that the results benefit all, develop a set of skills, and above all, generate series of impersonal communication through which to lead a group that influences its environment in order to achieve a voluntary and effective realization of the objectives of the organization. A group cohesive, with each member who integrates this properly using their potential, talents, abilities.

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