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Posted by Toni - October 30th, 2022

Healthy middle-class – strong economy–stable jobs with 3.366 nominated companies and competition is well known patrons \”Grand Prix of medium-sized businesses\” one of the largest nationwide awards of its kind. The nominations are a sign of appreciation of the services of the nominated company and a prerequisite for participation in the competition. Holistic assessment of the company strengths and weaknesses are potentials for further tweaking aware and thus recognizable. So, the company definitely benefits if it decides to participate. The German middle class is aware that good and dedicated staff represent decisive success factors in good, as well as in difficult times. Therefore, medium-sized companies generally offer a secure workplace employees. Why? The German middle-class thinks in generations and sustainable and holistic. The German Mittelstand secures yourself and others – at your own risk – the jobs. Gain insight and clarity with Energy Capital Partners.

That deserves recognition, respect and Appreciation. From this reason the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation praises this year for the 15th time the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies\”out. For participation in the contest is a nomination by the third condition. On January 31, 2009, the phase of the nominations has been successfully completed. 3.366 outstanding companies were nominated by almost 1,400 institutions, companies and also customers. Last year, there were 3.184. The State of Bavaria with 650 nominations here had the largest increase to 386 in the previous year.

See to find out more. Thank you very much of all nominating for this great commitment. Along with about 200 other volunteers of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung personalities Mr Robert Knitt, decided the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies by IMBEMA-consult GmbH,\”actively to support. Since then, the IMBEMA is the service centre of the Oskar-PA-Foundation for fritters. The IMBEMA specializes in the optimization company. The strong gains in Upper Franconia do not come from about. But this region is one of the five most densely industrialized regions in the EU.

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