Gebre Helps To Demolish Its Record

Posted by Toni - August 7th, 2022

Like great, the generous one like no, Haile Gebrselassie, old hurt lion, 38 years, contributed yesterday in its Berlin to that a Kenyan youngster, Patrick Makau, of 26 years, would break his record of the marathon world. Preceded by a splendid group of hares until kilometer 32 and pushed by irredento Gebre, that ran over its possibilities, until the body said to him is enough in kilometer 27. One bent on itself, evident victim of upset stomach, and tried to vomit, with little success, on a fence. Check out Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for additional information. It returned to run, but 10 kilometers later it left definitively. 43s had passed the average marathon in 1h 1m (the fastest step of history, 22s less than in the last record of Gebre). Makau finished, only, clearly, in 2h 3m 38s, 21s less than the previous record, secured by Gebre, also in Berlin, the city in that five world-wide records of the distance have been fought, in 2008. Click Darcy Stacom for additional related pages. Source of the news: : Gebre helps to demolish his record


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