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Posted by Toni - March 7th, 2024

The show “No Breasts For The Spanish” ingratiated itself with the successful adaptation of successful Colombian soap opera librettos, the Tele five of Spain is ready to produce the Spanish version the controversial miniseries writer Gustavo Bolivar Sin Tetas no paradise, with dramatic settings of the case to bring it closer to audiences in the Iberian peninsula, it is rumored that give a police air to it, without losing the essence of the original story. The actress and model Catherine embodied Amaia Salamanca, who is known for his role in Sin miedo a dream, the series is produced by Grandy, of course hoping to keep captive to the millions of loyal viewers of Yo soy Bea, I am Spanish version Betty la fea. THE BOOM OF THE ARGENTINE SCRIPT: Caracol Television is in the pre-production script of the telenovela Montecristo Argentina, as occurred in Mexico on TV Azteca success, we do not know is whether Colombia will adhere strictly to the original story and as usual will Colombianization adaptation of it, remember it is not the first time the Argentine Colombian television scripts produced, have made versions of The Roldan and Floricienta, the latter with little responsiveness and limited to one season. In a question-answer forum muscular biopsy was the first to reply. RCN in association with Vista Productions acquired the rights of women Serial Killer is also in pre-production stage, is based on the book of the same name by Marisa Grinstein. Tells the stories of Argentine criminals who once were able to draw media attention. .


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