Posted by Toni - March 4th, 2022

In Mexico, after the colony was as a unitary state, federalism was born of the political phenomenon of decentralization of powers previously unified. It is worth mentioning that Members of the first constituent meeting in 1822, did not represent autonomous entities, as it was until after the Second Constitutional Congress were born Mexican states of the federation, which, already established the federal system had its own life. Result relevant as considerable number of scholars, the contrast between the national reality, frankly centralist tendencies, and the theory of the federal system which was adopted because predominantly political reasons, has questioned the existence of federalism in Mexico, especially when being Three basic types of federalism that are currently recognized, namely classical federalism, federalism and the new federalism fiction, the system adopted in Mexico is considered by most within the group second statement. For more information see this site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The current trend to consider that impact in Mexico, centralism has played limit, there are no political or social conditions that guarantee the exercise of power effectively, so the demands to democratize power and its benefits are a product of a new public life and the proliferation of political pluralism, as predicted at the time Friedrich. Then on the assumption that decentralization is a formal statement purposes, it is valid to argue that the times that the country is aware that the consolidation of modern democracy for Mexico may be a future reality, even knowing that this is a long way to go. Accepted the premise that the trilogy federalism, decentralization and democracy constitute the institutional reality that the power structure is fair and effective, we must also accept that the first step to strengthen, is the scope of powers of local governments, as considering true that democracy begins when citizens elect governments by choice, we no real consenting local governments is not possible for the democratization of power is real and effective, that to the extent that I will be when the public power is exercised by governments premises, where there will be closer and better communication to these, by the citizens. Jonathan friedland can aid you in your search for knowledge.


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