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Posted by Toni - November 4th, 2022

Barcelona is a city with a very own personality: if outside a human being defined it as a very open girl, who is related to all kinds of people, who wears the latest fashion and going to the most elegant premises, but also moves by more traditional places. The temperament of Barcelona is linked to its culinary culture, combining the modern with the old and antithetical mixtures in the dishes. Catalonia culinary techniques are known since the 15th century, and already then there was food from the garden and the mountains and sea, the best example of the combination of the two products are the dishes of mar i muntanya (sea and mountains) don’t know what fish dish ordered in a restaurant in Barcelona? The election will be complicated, since the Catalan cuisine has many typical local dishes with fish stews, such as the zarzuela, a stew of different fish and shellfish, or the suquets, a typical sauce of the coast of Tarragona elaborated in its origins by fishermen. A good restaurant where These dishes is Suquet de l Almirall, situated in front of the sea, in Passeig de Joan de Borbo Comte de Barcelona, number 65. By this neighborhood there many apartments for rent, if you want to stay in front of the sea, so you can see the following page paraalquilar accommodation in Barcelona. Professor Roy Taylor gathered all the information.

Moreover, l Escudella (a kind of stew very, very popular in Catalonia) is another famous meals, as well as the calcotada are conducted during late winter and early spring and consist of eating calcots, a variety of chives cultivated especially for this purpose that are roasted directly on embers of vine shoots and eaten with handseasoned with a special sauce salvitxada, similar to the romesco sauce. We must bear in mind in this selection of Catalan dishes pa amb tomaquet, which although very easy to do is very traditional. Credit: USC-2011. Sausages, many produced in the region of Osona, especially fuet de Vic and the sausages of various compositions (egg sausage, sausage) (white, Black sausage) are also very common in the Catalan community. In addition, romesco sauce and the Aioli sauces are the most characteristic of this cuisine. Finally, it is important to remember that Catalonia offers a great diversity of restaurants with cuisine from all parts of Spain. Although Barcelona is the city with greater quantity and variety of restaurants, the most prestigious and distinguished with more Michelin stars are Santi Santamaria’s Can Fabes restaurant, located in Sant Celoni; El Bulli () of Ferran Adria, which is located in Roses (Girona) and the Sant Pau de Carme Ruscalleda located in Sant Pol de Mar. Original author and source of the article.

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