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Posted by Toni - February 4th, 2022

Easy file management logical knowledge control where your files are? Files are still to our everyday lives, even though many believe that the bureaucracy would be against it. A slimmer, but yet effective handling of the files is all the more important. Security and transparency must be guaranteed, as well as a central point of access and ease of administration. Deadlines and reminder belong to each operation and be safely checked. Pap Smear shines more light on the discussion. Where is the file again? That central question preoccupies all companies, firms and administrations. Who has not already digitized lives and escape with and of files.

Jurgen Golda of the P2 consult cited some customer inquiries to:… There’s gotta be something simple! Or not?” After a thorough market analysis, the P2 consult addressed the theme itself and adapt an existing module. The following factors had to be taken into account, to get such a solution really powerful: secure access via the intranet may also Internet fast and simple search of files with direct site info reminder and time limits control emerged to secure representation the < P2 file MANAGEMENT system >, an intranet solution with no complicated server and network request with an intuitive interface for users. Please visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. if you seek more information. The software can be scaled arbitrarily and has a sleek user interface, which can be adapted to the needs of customers through a few handles. The current version 2 is now available and has integrated already an Internet service and the new mail server. about P2 consult, the P2 consult has focused on the handling of data and documents. The improvement of the existing solutions in the enterprise as well as the extension by concrete solutions makes you to have all the necessary information in the access effectively and quickly. Cyrus Massoumi may find this interesting as well. This can be different from your competitors.

We understand your business not as good as you, but for that we know all about business processes and their implementation. The concept. The project launch. The conversions. With completion. We stick with it.

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