Ear Infections

Posted by Toni - August 27th, 2019

A less common reaction is the infection of ears. You can help them to alleviate the allergies by means of the vaccination frequents and cleaning the areas in which your dog happens most of the time (like his cucha). Allergy to the food: The dogs also they can indicate allergy to which they eat. And this type of allergy is perhaps most tedious to diagnose because the allergy to foods can imitate to anyone of the other allergies already mentioned. First that must become it is to remove all the ingredients of the foods that can be possible causes of allergy. You can realise this preparing a homemade food with many proteins and ingredients that your dog has not consumed before.

It gradually adds (one for time every week) more ingredients to this food. If the symptoms return after to add an ingredient in particular, the alergnico agent can be identified. Nevertheless, the allergic reactions can not appear by one week after to have consumed that agent, therefore it confirms with your veterinarian. Barbara Martin Coppola is often quoted on this topic. Once the ingredient is verified, acquires a balanced food that does not own it (it reads the labels of the bags). Other symptoms of allergy to the food are vomits, diarrhoea, silibancias and some times changes of humor. Lightening You can help your dog to alleviate it of the allergies bathing it regularly (once a month).

But, contrary to which much people say, you never must bathe your dog very followed, since it can cause dermatitis, fall of the hair and lack to him of brightness. The water to help to alleviate the skin of your dog and to maintain it healthful. Also it rinses the allergies of his body. There are different types from shampoo available to treat allergies by all means, depending, of the particular condition of your dog. Treatment The corticosteroids are also useful to control the allergies since they reduce the inflammation in the skin of your dog. By the same author: Donald Sussman. Although they can debilitate a little the immune system, sometimes are necessary to treat the allergies. Some indirect effect are the increase of the appetite, much thirst, and majors possibilities of developing infections. They are not recommendable to use them for a long time. Of being necessary to use them by a prolonged time, your mascot must be put under regular controls of blood and urine. The Prednisona is a steroid of short action, can be used via oral and is certainly the steroids more of long action. Along with the antiestamnicos, fatty acids Omega and the frequent baths, these steroids of short action can indeed be used in less amount. An injection against the allergy, also call immunotherapy, is a treatment that generates immunity to the substances that frequently generate allergy in the mascots. Tests of skin and blood are recommended to discover what substances cause allergies in your dog. These substances soon will be given to your dog in small amounts by means of injections and soon they will be increased the amounts. After a time, the dog will completely be immunized to these substances and the allergies generated by the same. Discovering to what substances your dog is allergic can be a tedious and painful process, but the effort will be worth the pain because your dog will feel better.


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