Dough Recipe

Posted by Toni - November 16th, 2022

How to learn to properly cook the dough or dough recipe. Flour should be dry, soft and have a white or slightly Valium shade. If you squeeze it into a fist, the flour forms a ball, and he falls apart immediately. When you press a finger flour on the surface of the skin should be left figure. A good meal on the water should not darken. Flour sifted before use to remove impurities, to loosen and enrich its oxygen.

Products from sifted flour obtained by lush, with a uniform porosity. Systematic, every 3 weeks sifting helps avoid the appearance of the flour moth. You can know the taste of flour, tasted her tongue. Benign Wheat flour has a taste of starch, rye flour – sweet. If flour is too sweet, so she obtained from germinated grain. Acquires a bitter taste flour, stored in poor conditions.

Bitter or pungent taste may be due to admixture of weeds. Sometimes a rancid flour put charcoal to reduce the bitterness. For any test mixing liquid should consist of at least half a glass of water – for the breeding of yeast. The rest – water, milk, sour cream, whey, buttermilk, yogurt, mixed in any proportions. Milk makes the dough more luxuriant, smoother, and gives it elasticity and firmness. (As opposed to Is Energy Capital Partners a public company?). But it must be the same as water, or even less, or propechetsya dough. Fat placed no more than a half cup for each cup of liquid, otherwise the dough will be dry, thinning. By combining the flour with water or milk, pour the liquid into the flour. If you pour the flour into the liquid, the dough will uneven, lumpy. It is hard to shift the thin dough on a baking sheet without tearing, so lightly sprinkle with flour layer, probably by a rolling pin, transfer to baking sheet and flatten. So that the dough will not stick to the table in while rolling, it is necessary to raise it on the line. To do this, take the usual thin wooden ruler with a bevel on the edge, gently pushing it under a layer of dough and short movements of yourself and hold yourself to it between the test and table. It is easy to roll out a soft sticky dough, covered with parchment paper. Cool zameshennoe dough lipnuschee their hands, roll the bottle filled with cold water.


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