Direct Insurance Launches

Posted by Toni - March 20th, 2024

Mid year insurance company announced the departure of an innovative iPhone application through which to make all the necessary steps in case of accident through the mobile. Only a few days ago this application is also available for Android, the second operating system on navigation volume according to the latest study from Nielsen Mobile Internet. According to this report, 5% of the total number of pages viewed through mobile devices come from Android devices. This software, called Mobile insurance Direct, is a pioneer in the market and is a strong bet on technological innovation. The services offered are identical to the iPhone, both free app: reporting a claim online from the scene of the accident, consult your nearest workshop, emergency-call or send photos of the vehicle directly to the insurer.

To download the application to the mobile enough to access the Android Store and select it. It is also can access it directly with a barcode identifier, bidi, facilitated by Direct insurance in your web code. Once installed the client simply enter your data, and your policy number, and can already access the content and contact your insurance carrier from the same place of the accident. Credit: Les Turner ALS Foundation-2011. With this new service, company and insured are becoming increasingly closer.

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