Posted by Toni - June 30th, 2022

Mr. Faa of me an instrument of your peace That I obtain to erase the sadness of that he cries Humiliated, tired and solitary. That I obtain to make to shine a star In the look of who search a light That I obtain to heat the winter of the homesickness and to move away to the solitude from that he lost Everything that he loves. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Darcy Stacom. That I obtain to color white clouds and after rain making to appear a new light in each unbelieving heart That I withhold in part, the evil Therefore I am only somebody that has compassion and wants to give of itself the alento, a word friend a shoulder for I recline. I do not possess everything, only the hope. a generous and aflito heart Ahead of the inconstncias of the life I find me to its feet inexhaustible Source of my research Here That I obtain to make for somebody What I would like that they made for me. r for Functional Medicine, an internet resource. Why I know that after rain Another flowery garden It has of reflorir


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