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Posted by Toni - March 7th, 2018

If a service company, logically bound indicator is the rate of customer satisfaction. Indicators should be at least the following qualities: a. Aligned to strategy. It is the first quality, the indicator should be in line with company strategy. If the company has committed to deliver on time, the percentage indicator delivery is important and sets aligned to compromise. The goals for this indicator will be offered as customer. b. Realistic.

Attached to what the company can make and market conditions, also in line with the capabilities of employees and give them the tools to control and achievement. c. Challengers: They must motivate the employee to his achievement, generate healthy competition and challenge him to reach new levels of productivity and effectiveness. d. Achievable. With regard to paragraph a), but emphasize that they are to motivate and move to higher levels of quality and efficiency. If there is an unreasonably high level indicators, they can turn into motivation. e.

Measurable. It sounds redundant, but the indicator should be accessible for easy measurement. Collecting the information needed to measure it must be accessible and reliable. f. Systematized: The indicator must be generated without any manipulation or handling too many variables, preferably, should be the product of a computer system and administered by an independent person the subject of measurement. 4. Establish incentives based on the indicators. Many companies now run their incentives (call bonuses, raises and promotions), according to the results of management indicators. The results of the indicators may be related to the payment of bonds, according to the levels reached in the indicator for the area or department to which the employee belongs.

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