Cognitive And Spiritual Sector

Posted by Toni - January 9th, 2022

This model recognizes the contribution of every teacher in the levels and dimensions to serve, but points out that although their contribution is necessary, not sufficient for the care of a holistic education. Skinner, for example, deals with the individual sector-body, Vygotsky, the cognitive and social-sector Montessori, individual spiritual sector. The current holistic educators who try to achieve the integral development of the student have the care that curricular activities are organized to serve not only address the cognitive, as they are certain that our potentials are also physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual and furthermore, the goodness of learning must be to meet the needs of the individual, community, society, the planet and the universe. The educational model with a prospect of multiple dimensions and levels moving towards an integral education. As stated above, within the educational issues addressed by trying to holistic education, is the fragmented view of what is One, what is total.

The fragmentation of education offered by the educational system is one that results in the fragmented view of the world and has given us the paradigm of separateness. With this vision we believe that what happens to our body has nothing to do, or our spirit or our mind that what happens to our next door neighbor or our country does not have to affect our lives and vice versa ; that chemistry is taught has nothing to do with literature, or that of anthropology. The neglect or denial of education of the heart, the development of consciousness, learning without meaning, the cultivation of wisdom, love and compassion-all indivisible components of education-must be many of the evils that cause us suffering. .

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