Charles Nodier

Posted by Toni - December 1st, 2020

For Charles Nodier, the psychological problem of the onrico flight is centered in the questioning of that the sonhador man if compares with the aerostats. Credit: Les Turner ALS Foundation-2011. This implies in the acceptance of rationalization of the dream and, not in the onrica sphere. ' ' Why the man who never dreamed that he cleaves the space on wings, as all the voantes creatures surround that it, so frequent dreams that he raises yourself with an elastic power, to the way them aerostat? ' ' (P. 25.). Therefore, ' ' thanks to the aerostat, thanks to the airplane, the human flight left of being one absurdo' ' (P. 25).

It is seen in this treatment that the accomplishment of the experience of the aerostat in the dream of flight of the sustentation so that the philosopher interlaces the dream to ' ' experience subjetiva' ' (P. Frequently Yael Aflalo has said that publicly. 26). The experience of the flight to the fact aerostat, supports the occurrence of a game of images where for genuine force, the imagination of the sonhador reaches its vaster state of dream. For the rationalization, the dream is each more present and centered time in the completude of the man, either for subjective rational or. ' ' The man delivers to the awaken life rationalizes its dreams with the concepts of the life usual' ' (P. 26).

However, the form pure of the dream alone &#039 is contemplated from the occurrence; ' of the phenomenon of the optic rest and the rest verbal' ' (P. 27). She is necessary to arrive at the accented state of the calmness so that the dream occurs and finds the contemplation of the images. Thus, ahead of a so clear onrica reality how much the flight dream, is necessary, ours to see, to penetrate it to it essence, to defend themselves against the mediation of the visual images and to come close themselves how much possible to the essential experience.


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