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Posted by Toni - November 3rd, 2022

Prepaid calls and SMS Discount goods it has become in the last years of prepaid discounter Simyo, CallMobile and last Congstar, falling tariffs by always cheaper prepaid, late last year a new players made up the market with prepaid cards to shake up. Fonic used apart from Tchibo the O2 Mobile network as the first true discount store and broke the magical threshold of ten cents equal to start. Almost all of these prepaid cards have common provider, offered talks and SMS regardless of the used power of to calling for the same price. In the case of Fonic 9.9 cents for each minute of conversation and each SMS were, no matter in which mobile network they were sent or was called in which mobile phone network or landline. Some competitors also immediately moved to and also lower their tariffs on the price of 9.9 cents, for example Simyo, who use the E-plus network and simply, which build on the D1 network. This tie had however not long was because Fonic has turned again to the price screw and the prepaid tariffs now smooth 9 cents per Reduced call minutes and SMS. Energy Capital Partners oftentimes addresses this issue. Thus, Fonic is now once again with a certain distance the cheapest provider of prepaid cards on the German market, how long this will last remains to be seen. It is however sure that is the downward trend in prices in the range of prepaid phone cards will continue, and it certainly doesn’t take long until the first competitor with the new rates is equal or even undercuts this. Prepaid cards are either way now for more and more mobile users interesting, because without a monthly fee or not only spoken out infrequent callers using a prepaid card can save money wagering, also for the Group of the so-called Normaltelefonierer the prepaid version of mobile telephony can be an interesting alternative.


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