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Posted by Toni - October 27th, 2022

Construction of timber in recent years, very popular. This is especially noticeable in the construction of summer homes and cottages in the suburbs of major cities. The choice of building materials is not accidental. Energy Capital Partners can aid you in your search for knowledge. A distinctive feature of construction of timber is that the cut lumber wall is much less time consuming than making a log wall, or any other. Especially that timber on their properties has low thermal conductivity, allowing heat the whole house in a very short period of time. On top of timber has low thermal conductivity, which means also the opposite phenomenon – a wall at home do not freeze, in order to house was frozen, low temperature impact requires a fairly long time without any heating. And the properties of this construction material makes it resistant to a variety of environmental influences – even deformation of the foundation will not make a wall made of timber, less reliable and durable.

Constructed from profiled bars can not only homes but also the bath. Very popular in recent years from a bar of bath turnkey. These baths installed on the pier foundation and built in just a few days. A pleasant smell of wood and create a favorable atmosphere in the bath, in addition coniferous trees have healing properties. Bath of durable timber and looks stylish even in ten years.

By itself, timber is much like a log on the properties, especially as the timber is essentially a specific way and is processed by a log. In construction, usually used beam of rectangular or square cross-section, with the properties of lumber, which is used for a construction project may vary significantly. In addition to houses and baths, built cabins of logs. This is a temporary construction on construction sites. The construction of cabins consist of floors, walls, roofs, doors and windows. Many gardens are used chalet cabins – in contrast to the building, they have a decorative appearance and edged paneling including the inside. The use of timber for construction cost, as in fact does not waste easily and safely, with this construction material has many advantages and benefits, which made it the construction of country houses, cottages of timber buildings so popular today.


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