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Posted by Toni - June 4th, 2020

Formed in botany and chemistry he started to work in the company in 1968 as to assist of production and was going up of position until being one of the directors. He was competent and responsible with its work and the company. He was with 64 years. He liveed alone in the Street of the Pltanos, I number 39. I thought that perhaps it could give to some information on Alfonso Towers to me and asked for Raquel to mark a meeting with it and it disclosed that Nilton had finished to leave in vacation trip. Locking up the linking I was thinking that perhaps Nilton was really Taran Drekel.

As it was travelling, I decided to give one looked in the house of it, the house that was of Alfonso Towers! I parked the car at the beginning of squares and I was the foot until the residence. I did not take much time to burglarize the door of the deep ones. With a lantern I was examining the cmodos of the house and not I found nothing of suspicious. It was for going even so when I discovered the door for the bilge. There under it had a small laboratory where Nilton made research with its cosmetic formulas.

There it had closets with chemical products, bottles with fragrances, instruments and devices. It was everything arranged and clean, not to be for a small plastic bottle played in the soil to the side of the garbage hamper. I sinned the empty bottle and I examined the identification of the product written with penxs in the label; Corlia verbena. Stranger! He was everything in sequence in the shelves and closets, the hamper of the empty garbage and that bottle played in the soil, as if Nilton had used aque


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