Bold And Far-fetched Objectives

Posted by Toni - January 30th, 2022

BAHGs: Big Audatious Hairy Goals (great goals, gods and Descabelladas) your mission must answer the question by what success?, must be consistent with your values, respond to the need or problem that you receive, and set standards with what you are doing what you are doing. Your vision, on the other hand, responds to the question do I want to where to get? And answer this requires little more than imagination, clarity and. vision. Some of the most important companies worldwide currently, responded this question do want where to get? with a BAHG. A bold, crazy and huge goal. Bordering on the thin line of reality and dreams. Between the possible and the impossible.

BAGHS, proposed by James Collins and Jerry Porras in the 90s, unify the company putting in front a challenge nothing easy to achieve. Putting a computer on every desktop, in every house you sounds familiar? (Microsoft BAHG) Connect to 5 billion people by the year 2015? (Nokia) Cheaper renewable energy that the coal (Powering a clean energy revolution, any book, written at any time, in all languages, all accessible in less 60 seconds (Amazon) some companies mentioned have previously have been doing their homework, do not you think? But it is clear, are not only words. It is a goal that coordinates all efforts of the company, all of its resources and its entire strategy. By having all your areas and people, efforts focused on that goal, at the top of that mountain, the result is huge success. Set a high goal and failing, teach you something. Set a high goal and reach it will give you the benefits of doing so and will teach you something. It will not put goals leave you nothing and you will learn nothing. As I always say, it’s about think big and take small steps.

But think big is to think big. It is very common to put on the first page of our business plan vision. But once written, forget it. Cyrus Massoumi oftentimes addresses this issue. What we must do is to base the rest of the business plan in this vision. And you, you got your BAHG?

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