Birman Consumption

Posted by Toni - February 17th, 2022

Thus, the citizen, in the illusion of being free to make choices goes if guided through propagandas and, assuming a objetalizada and alienator position of itself. It is a culture of the excess, more than having of what of the being. To remain perpetual the consumption society if it guides, on the other hand, for not the satisfaction of the desires and, the method used for it is the depreciation and the depreciation of a product soon after its launching in the universe of the consumers. On the other hand, exactly that of form not so explicit, it is according to Bauman (2008) the supposed satisfaction of the necessity, desire, will thus through these new and new wills, necessities and desires appear. The internalizao of these ' transmisses' capitalists make with that the same citizens value itself as the only one well and the alteridade is to the edge of the desire of the other, the dismissable good in detriment of the not dismissable or really necessary good, therefore it is a society of the image, that is, valley what the image passes and not it content, therefore the necessity to be always changing. For Hunter (2004) the wakening of the desire for the consumption is common in all the social classes e, who cannot satisfy these ' necessidades' they finish for if frustrarem.

… The frustration also cause ' illness of nervos' that if manifest in the bodies and the psiquismo of the fit ones, of that if they resign. On this thematic one, Birman (2006) alert for the new forms of the malaise if to reveal in the contemporaneidade. For it the siege of the excesses of the world after-modern is proven in the registers of the body, the action and the feeling. Thus, …

the malaise if transformed into an ethical investigation for reading of the subjetividades contemporaries. (BIRMAN, 2006, P. 174) Therefore we understand that the position of the citizen ahead of the culture of the consumption is a position of object front to the desire of the Other and, that the joined exits are express through more threatening symptoms each time for the citizen. Therefore the citizen ally to the pulso of death delivers the joy to it to feel itself exempts in a society that has the keys of the arrest very kept well.

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