Archaeological Soundings

Posted by Toni - December 18th, 2021

The present document aims at to give knowledge of the results of the carried through archaeological intervention, under the form of diagnosis soundings, manuals, in the Agueiros? Larinho 18 (Larinho; Tower of Moncorvo), small farm inventoried with the number of Patrimonial Element 430. The archaeological works, carried through with carcter of emergency face to the identification of vestiges of structures aquando of the Archaeological Accompaniment in course in the scope of the General Taken over on a contract basis one of Construction of the Hydroelectric-power Exploitation of the Low Flavor, whose Owner of Workmanship is the EDP? Management of Produo de Energia, s.a. and the Contractor executant the ACE constituted of the companies Blessed Pedroso Construes and Lena Engineering and Construction, had been carried through of form chronological to verify, to evaluate, to characterize and to integrate the findings. The intervention was efectivada under scientific direco of the Signatory, making to fulfill the National Legislation in vigor. Namely: Law n 13/85, of 6 of July (Law of the Portuguese Cultural Patrimnio), with the posterior alterations that had been introduced it by the Law n 19/2000, of 10 of August; Decree n 270/99, of 15 of July (Regulation of Archaeological Works), with the posterior alterations that had been introduced it by the Decree n 287/00, of 10 of November. The archaeological intervention of that, for the gift, if of the knowledge, it elapsed between days 8 and 16 of September of 2009.

2. Antecedents In May of 2009, through verbal information of a proprietor of lands next to the PK 2+725 and PK 2+700 of the Definitive Access of the Left Edge, Equipa of Archaeological Accompaniment had the information of the two existence of ‘ ‘ agueiros’ ‘ (canalizations) that there they passed. According to proprietor, Mr. August Adrito Martins, these two ‘ ‘ agueiros’ ‘ they were formed by some flagstone in would sing, measuring about 0,50m.


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