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Posted by Toni - November 13th, 2014

A type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy could disappear to give birth, but remains a significant threat to health future mother, which too often is overlooked. Approximately half of women who have gestational diabetes go to develop type 2 diabetes after the birth of their offspring. They may have happened months or even years. However, new research indicates that fewer than one in five of those women once again take an exploratory examination of diabetes within six months after giving birth. That is the first of the examinations to be taken regularly to prevent the return of diabetes. Research, the Quest Diagnostics Laboratory, says that, knowing it, many of those mothers could take steps to reduce the possibility of the recurrence of diabetes that can be accompanied by complications such as heart disease and kidney damage.

It is almost as if one opened a kind of window to the future, compared the Dr. Ann Albright, specialist in diabetes in the Centres for the Control and prevention of diseases of United States (CDC). This is a population that really should be focused for his intervention, he added. And more expectant mothers could swell their ranks. The American Diabetes Association recommends a change in the way to examine pregnant women to identify more mild cases that currently, on the basis of recent studies that found that even those mothers to treat facilitates childbirth.

If obstetricians adhere, it has the potential of doubling the diagnoses, although most mild cases only need better nutrition and exercise, and no medicines for diabetes, warns the Association. New estimates from the CDC indicate that nearly 26 million Americans suffer from some form of diabetes, mostly type 2 is associated with excess weight. Tens of millions more have enough sugar in the blood to be considered prediabeticos. Women can have type 2 or type 1, diabetes insulin dependent, at the time they become pregnant. These women urged to strictly control their diabetes to avoid a series of risks for them and their babies. However, according to the CDC, 2% to 10% of pregnant women develop diabetes for the first time during pregnancy, gestational type. Not met, the high levels of sugar in the blood can make the fetus to grow too large, requiring caesarean or preterm birth. You can also trigger a potentially deadly ailment called preeclampsia, which also increases the risk that the baby will become obese adult.


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