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Posted by Toni - November 20th, 2021

Relief of pain who is once infested by a rheumatic disease, proper nutrition can help yourself more often only the pills for the pain. In addition, there are also other ways to inhibit inflammation. For example, a basic nutrition is very important. Our body is usually very over-acidified and particularly for rheumatism, it is essential to pay particular attention to an alkaline diet. What is an alkaline diet? Rheumatism and nutrition belong together and one of the most useful ways to do something good for his body is, if one eats alkaline. Many industrially produced foods are strongly acid forming and our body can no longer entirely remove them.

Essential minerals are removed from our body, and that may have these complaints result: gout joint pain arthritis skin eczema Muskelschemrzen allergies herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Leavening food who want to counteract rheumatism or pain should be on foods such as milk, meat, poultry and fish, to alleviate without eggs, white bread, alcohol and coffee. A protein-rich diet is to avoid and fresh fruit as possible renounce meat but food. 2-3 litres (the best tap water) should be already forgotten to stop drinking it. Alkaline food who want to eat really healthy, which should make sure he eats so, that is a good 80% of food forming food from bases. You can say here that almost all include the basic acting food fruit and vegetables as well as soy products. Best, you obtain a list of the basic – and acidic foods, so you get a good overview and to declare war on the pain. Even when staying in the Bad Hofgastein the Grand Park Spa Hotel you will receive all tips for a base-free diet.

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