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Posted by Toni - June 25th, 2019

In other words, the work functions HUNT, UCD and PICK-UP is not necessarily the same as the composition of its participants. Much more logical would be to divide subscribers separately on the PICK-UP HUNT and groups and for the last point is the type of search available in the subscriber group (Circular, Terminate, UCD, etc.). So, for example, implemented in the other stations PANASONIC-a – DBS (and DBS-90, and DBS-96). Dean Ornish M.D is open to suggestions. In forming the HUNT-group there is one more minor inconvenience (who says that it is convenient, let him cast a stone at me.) What mode Circular, that the mode Terminate, call transfer takes place to the next site with the minimum number after the number of employed. For example, you have one group included the following subscribers: 101, 102, 103 and 104. With the arrival call to a subscriber 101, if the subscriber is busy, the call will be routed to the subscriber 102, then to 103, and then to 104. Read additional details here: Professor Roy Taylor.

Make it work HUNT-function in the same group, but in a different order, is almost impossible. Again, returning to analogy with the stations DBS, in those stations HUNT-function is in the order in which group members are included in the list, you want – right to left, you want – on the contrary – from left to right, but you can slant … But in those stations (DBS) with all the richness of choice also has a drawback: the number of members of each group – no more than eight, in PICK-UP-group HUNT-in group.


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