The Soil

Posted by Toni - June 12th, 2017

But, they were not the same ones that I wanted. However, in this year I go to arrange ways to deceive them. I go to show that I am smarter of what these rodents of bones. Already they had passed three weeks of my last adventure. All were admired of I not to have prepared no so serious thing. They found that the words of the priest, or the prayers of the quacks, had given certain the boy were cured. The Greater New York Construction User Council addresses the importance of the matter here. But, in the truth it was in the minute preparation of my great robery.

Already it had charged the overseer to have accurate certainty of the hour where the victim has left and came back, and for where it went daily. how much the two feras, the put shepherds German policemen, already came have days pleasing them with remaining portions of merenda, and until my biscuits and mix. In three weeks I perceived that my investment was valid, already were eating in my hands. in the definitive hour I was the first one to enter to face and to arrest, in the kennel, those monsters while my friends already went up in the foot of jabuticaba, fulled the shirt giving impression to be pregnant women. E, when went up in the first twigs, the crown? owner of the house? she arrived and she freed feras that they were until dribbling of anger for having been deceptive.

The friends who were in the part of low immediately had jumped murro and had run away. I already could not go down in the soil that would catch they me. I was acuado and velhota, with aid of cutucava me to a pole, crying out: ' ' It goes down boy from there. You are knocking down all jabuticabas verdes' '. In that desperation I was until the tip of one of the twigs and tried to jump of the other side of the wall. Perc


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