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Posted by Toni - February 26th, 2018

Tomas jaw of your patient with the tips of your fingers, first one side and then the other, always below the jaw. Petrizaje on neck and shoulders, percussion with the tips of your fingers and as final stimulus nervous. Always seen watching as they are the movements and asking your patient how it feels. If something were to hurt the movements get softer or with massage. It is very important to keep in mind always. Already we were by our patient that such neck if we now continue down the head and scalp: get movements in a circle behind the ears. With the tips of your fingers you masajeas from the cheeks to the tip of the nose.

Fingers separated in the front. In circles around the eyes and the eyebrows also. In the area of the eyes and mouth you masajeas in the form of or. Low around the ears and finish behind them. It massages your eyelids and the eye region with the fingertips. On the lips also get massages, is made in the form of o also. Nervous stimulus (fingers on the skin friction) percussion and pressure (smooth with finger tip) on the scalp get general friction, friction with the Palm of your hands. Combing the hair of the patient and gently detach it to make the stimulus nervous.

Let’s continue with the region of the abdomen: begins on the right side of your patient. It begins with circular movements with the Palm of the hand. It continues the pubis below the ribs. Kneading of liver edge (below the right ribs). Edge splenic (under the left ribs). Below the navel and left, just below the. Begins with the movement of vibration below the navel and right side, get pressure, rotation and vibration do it as following a counterclockwise several turns until you reach the blind spot. Start on the right side below the navel and you culminas on the left side. Nervous stimulus, and percussion. Get massages in the area of the legs and buttocks: massages all your patient’s leg. You heat up the pacienta leg movements doing by hand in the form of c, you have to grab all the thigh and then the leg. It massages the upper part of the foot of the patient with the Palm of both hands. Fingers rotation and vibration. Continues to give a good foot massage to your patient: the sole of the foot massages in general. Petrizaje on the back of the foot and ankle. USC usually is spot on. It is flexing the leg and kneads the front and then the rear. Petrizaje of the limb. Petrizaje in the knee. Nervous stimulus, and percussion. Copado palmar with the open hand. We are ending this massage so relaxing with a good massage in the patient’s back: both hands are placed on the back, the fingers look, down to the area of the buttocks and then flip the hands, putting together the arms of the masseuse and rises again with fingers massaged the ribs of the patient. You come back down, repeating it three times. Kneading in c taking the patient’s skin the more broad as possible. Elfuraje. It was softer following ribs and then follow the spine. With the tip of your fingers, pinch and then performs the movement of vibration. Massage on Trapeze with the yolk of thumbs in circles. General kneading. Percussion with fingers and cornered. Nervous stimulus. I hope you liked this article and can put it in practice good massage!


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