Fleet Lessee

Posted by Toni - May 28th, 2019

Despite the fact that leasing (financial lease) – a professional with expensive equipment financing his purchases – is one and the most complex operations in the financial sector, it is every year is increasing part of the services market. Already taken and the axiom: private individuals and small businesses are usually more profitable to take goods on credit, and large companies – to lease. The advantages of leasing over bank lending are that the lease allows without simultaneous withdrawal of large amounts of traffic to buy or upgrade expensive equipment, machinery, transportation, real estate and other goods related to fixed assets. Professor Roy Taylor usually is spot on. Lessee enjoys the property purchased under the contract and the individual schedule of payments of its buys in the small residual value. One of the most frequent sites are leasing cars. Many still believe that "take the car to lease" means rent it. But they are two different things. Learn more about this with Preventive Medicine Research Institute. The car, leased a few years, become the property of the lessee.

But if the machine requires only a few years, customer, subject to certain conditions, can regain its lessor. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that in the cis countries this technique is economically disadvantageous. Benefits of leasing cars before lending too enough. That and the fact that with the leasing company, the lessee can create, add or update your own car park (expensive automobiles, trucks or machinery) in just one to three weeks (for By comparison, the period of consideration of credit can vary from 3 to 6 weeks), with no distractions of significant amounts of money. If you purchased a machine something happens, insurance will receive a lessor and lessee is not will have to repay the repairs from its own funds. A leading source for info: Professor Roy Taylor. The second advantage – the ability to save on taxes on profits through accelerated depreciation of the car. And finally, the lessee saves 2% on tax property due to the fact that the car all the time of the lease agreement belongs to the lessor. Of course, in the leasing of cars there are downsides.

So, to use the machines can only be clearly following conditions contract. For example, if you took the car to transport employees, you can not use them to deliver the goods at home. You can not transfer them to third parties or rent in subleased to other companies. All this may result in termination of the lease or penalties. However, if you remember that the lease is recommended to companies with large capital, these disadvantages completely overlap the above-mentioned financial benefits.


Automating Taxi Service

Posted by Toni - August 14th, 2016

For example, in a single service taxi there is a list of possible requirements for the service provided on the basis of which any customer order is complemented by taking into account their wishes and requests. For those who frequently use the services of a taxi, put the special status – Loyal customers. These lucky people receive a personal code and attractive benefits, in their profiles may be as the most preferred call signs drivers and undesirable. So that their order is carried out more quickly, as taking into account their expectations. But what if you do not fall into the category of Permanent client and do not have a treasured personal code? And choose something like a good and reliable taxi driver There is an option – remember the call sign of the driver’s liking, so you only call him. But if these drivers a lot – you can simply forget their call signs, and then have to rely on chance. To solve this problem for all customers within a single service taxis introduced in test mode and an interesting new service: “Assessment of the driver, made order “, which is implemented through an automated information system. This service is extremely easy to use and accessible from any phone, which appears in the order. How does it work? Semi-automatic system assessment of drivers allows the selection of taxi drivers and put them to assess, just like in school! Now each passenger since the beginning of the trip before the end of 10 minutes after the order, may call the numbers 24-58-44 (Toll free) or 24-58-60, and to assess the quality of the driver and his car on a 5-point scale.