In Search Of The Happiness

Posted by Toni - December 6th, 2016

It is as soon as we feel in them when we are happy. But, if we will be realistic, admit that the life nor always is thus. It has problems. They can be so serious, that the true happiness seems only one dream. She will be that necessary to be thus? We know that a life happy it is produced by diverse elements. To usufruct the life, we have to have sufficiently to eat and adequate clothes. We need a home that in supplies to protection and rest to them. But, these are only basic things.

Pleasant fellowship and good health also is important. However, exactly the ones that usufrue certain measure of these things still thus can be far from the true happiness. The type of work that makes or the conditions where they have to work can deprive them of the contentment. Also, in many families, it has conflict between husband and woman, or parents and children. Neither we can disrespect that all we face the possibility of an illness or a sudden death. It finds to be possible to deal with these and other problems in a way what let us can get true sastifao? It has reasons to believe that yes.

However, so that somebody can usufruct a happy life, it will have to have preimeiro something that nor all has, a reason to live. Its necessary life to have direction, if to want to be really happy. This aid to explain why as many rich ones relmente do not feel sastifeitos. However, it is truth that eats, sleeps, they have family, and they usufruct some of the pleasures and the comforts of the life. Perhaps they feel, however, that the same thing if could say regarding many animals. It must have more involved in the life.



Posted by Toni - December 1st, 2016

In this direction, he would be more reasonable to guide and not to prohibit this present process e, in progress. However, the parents and cuidadores think: how he is possible to feel lack of that they do not know, and that perhaps never she comes to belong to it? However, he is known, that exactly to the default of the proper same will and for the people without such conditions, the feelings and the desires they bailam ahead of us and with them many times we fall in the ambush of the affection and, stuned, we become captive of we ourselves. It has that if to also lead in account that the deficient ones still are affected by the innumerable repressions on the part of parents and professors preventing its access and the possibility of affection expression and emotional bond. Similarly, as many practical affective-sexual are dictated by its cuidadores, not if it allows that, a deficient intellectual expresses its loving manifestations socially, or still, when the express, is not taken in consideration. Others who may share this opinion include Martha McClintock. Then, the sexuality of the people attacks for the different expressions of the deficiency, all its particularitities and possible limitations, does not seem to be in the deficiency in itself, but in the set of social disinformations, preconceptions, taboos and of our proper limits in sexual area (DENARI, 1992; 1998; FRANCE RIBEIRO, 1995; SCABELLO et al., in prelo). Then, example of loving relationships for people of advanced age, the society does not conceive, constantly, that the deficient intellectuals enter in this practically exclusive domain of the young, the people with good health and physically attractive people (at least as social representation). Thus, of violent form, despite conjured, the possibility is denied to them to love and to reveal its sexuality. The adult, generally, thinks for the deficient one and when she cannot act for it, she finishes for also denying to it the action.