Posted by Toni - November 16th, 2016

The magnitude of the operating pressure – low to Lamp pressure (LP) from about 0.1 Pa to 25 kPa, high pressure (HP) from 25 to 1-103 kPa, and ultrahigh-pressure (IRS) is greater than 1 – 103 kPa for the type of discharge – to the lamp arc, glow and pulsed discharges. By the glow – in the region column and region glow glow. By type of light source – in: gas or metal vapor, which are the main source of emission of excited atoms, molecules or ions recombine, photoluminescent lamps (called for brevity, only fluorescent lamps), in which the main source of radiation are the phosphors excited by radiation from the discharge; elektrodosvetnye lamp in which the main source of radiation are the electrodes, burned in a discharge to a high temperature. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Most photoluminescent and elektrodosvetnyh lamps to the principal radiation emission level is mixed, so that they are essentially sources of mixed radiation. The shape of bulb with the column is divided into: tubular or linear – a lamp in the cylindrical flasks, in which the distance between the electrodes in two or more times greater than the inner diameter of the tube, capillary – in tubes with an internal diameter of less than 4 mm "ball" – a tube with a distance between the electrodes is less than or equal to the inner diameter of the bulb (bulb lamps have often form a ball or close to it, hence got their name), they are called and lamps with a short or medium arc length. .

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Stricter Water

Posted by Toni - November 15th, 2016

The clarified effluent due to its composition and properties can be used instead of organic-mineral fertilizers. Filed under: Dean Ornish M.D. That's why clean them beyond measure is meaningless, that is, delete them from the batteries, so necessary for the plant. Here, Charles Schwab expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Of course, with a decrease in the quality requirements for discharge and treatment system itself is cheaper. Despite the obvious benefits and convenience of such a solution, the discharge of water into the soil is not always rational. When it comes to very large volumes, for example, when connected to a common sewer of several cottages, a ground simply not be able to absorb all the waste.

The same thing happens if the waste water is served in a small volume, but the clay soil at the site (slabofiltruyuschie) or wetlands. In addition, you can not just dump runoff into the ground, if aquifer is very close to the surface and it also serves as a source for water diversion. In all these cases, the wastewater should be given to the pond. However, when such a situation, the construction of treatment systems can do much more because Russia has a very stringent requirements for clean water discharged into the waste water (water should be cleaned up to standards that are close to drinking water, and if the reservoir fishery, then for some Stricter standards for the parameters even more). However, in fairness, it should be noted that the water in the reservoir, which is reset, it is sometimes far dirtier than a well-treated effluent.

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The End

Posted by Toni - November 11th, 2016

Implementation of the corners' in the paw "requires a large skill of the carpenters, in this case, the ends of the logs made double 'dovetail' with the angular spine. Given that the value of carpentry and so is high enough, it is wiser to abandon the second option to avoid unnecessary costs. The most cost-effective and easy connectivity – in the end groove, when on the side of a timber is a groove, and at the end of another timber – a spike. Each timber is made from the bottom of the groove which logs are placed on the surface of another timber, the adjacent beams connect with each other pins (dowels, pins). The wall is composed of timber is easy. Take the timber section of 15×15 or 15h18 and fit 'in the leg' or in the end groove, sometimes do without the dowel, using metal or wood (oak or softwood), the pins are set at the corners and in the middle of the bar. Gasket between the logs were originally made or tow moss.

It is highly recommended to reject such an antediluvian version. Now there is great stuff – tape mezhventsovy insulation, made from jute or linen. This material is sold in rolls, cut into strips fit between the logs or timbers, fastened stapler. Everything happens very fast and easy, and besides, you'll be spared the tedious konopatki. Jute, though more expensive, higher quality linen. It also contains a lignin content (almost as in wood) and when the frame shrinks, Jute insulation is compressed and becomes very strong and reliable insulation, do not let any cold or moisture.

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The Boiler

Posted by Toni - November 8th, 2016

When operating the heating system monitor that the water temperature in the system did not rise above 95 C. Otherwise, you must stop the intake air into the furnace, wide-open door of the furnace and the chimney damper to pot a bit cold. If necessary, the system through the return pipe carefully add cold water to the boiler does not cause thermal stresses. Signs of scale is a higher temperature of exhaust gases and low temperature of heated water at the same fuel consumption. In addition, a non-uniform temperature wall sections. This causes them to crack and can cause water to leak into the furnace.

Scale is 20 times worse conductor of heat than cast iron. You may find that Preventive Medicine Research Institute can contribute to your knowledge. Every millimeter layer of scale requires a 2-3% burn more fuel to the boiler wall to bring to the desired temperature. For cleaning use, in particular, the solution of inhibited hydrochloric acid. In her reaction to slow down with cast iron adds a special substance. You can also use a 4% solution of pure sochimoy acid. Safer and less complicated application of the method of leaching scale. The system for 10-20 hours pouring a solution of soda ash, prepared at the rate of 20 g salt to 1 gallon of water.

The solution is heated to operating temperature. After cooling the solution was drained and washed by counter-current system, ie, directing the flushing water flow in the opposite direction of water circulation mode heating. More likely to be defecating inside of the boiler, chimneys and gate with a wire brush. After the heating season, you must also clean the boiler and all the chimneys. Water from the system should not be down to reduce corrosion of pipes. In order to avoid thawing of the heating system in winter, with prolonged interruption in the work of all the water out of the system should go down. For heating installations working on gaseous fuel with adapted for this boiler, fit the above recommendations for solid fuel boilers. Mode burning should be controlled in accordance with the instructions on the use of furnaces, burners, regulators and similar devices. Maintaining the desired temperature is carried out on the thermometer. If you smell gas you should immediately close the gas valve, gas notify the corresponding service economy, eliminate the appearance of the room open fire and take all measures of ventilation and airing of a contaminated building.

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Making Ladder

Posted by Toni - November 4th, 2016

Area and volume occupied by the stairs (no matter whether or not to build a ladder with your hands or ordered from the cabin), are largely determined by its type. The most compact of these characteristics are spiral staircases (how build a wooden ladder screw type with your hands, described in the literature, it can be difficult to perceive for beginners), the most convenient arrangement for – multidecks (half-) because they cut area and volume of the room into two, not three parts, as do the open staircase. Of pace stair most compact – with crossed ladders marches. For information on how to make a wooden ladder, today to find no problem. But most of the tips on making their own wooden ladder designed for readers with even minimal experience working with wood. Perhaps the advice in the style of "Yourself" for the villa stairs the most primitive type of perception available to readers for whom interested in the topic "How to build a wooden ladder on their own." How to make a ladder handy in terms of comfort preference, of course, must be given to direct the stairs, in terms of security – no stairs zabezhnyh steps.

It is clear that spiral staircases, for example, in this sense – the most uncomfortable and most insecure. These factors should be particularly consider, if the house is supposed accommodation of young children, the elderly, the disabled and people suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal functions. So before you look for advice on "how to make wooden ladder, "is to determine its type.

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Install gas boiler model with open combustion chamber requires more resources. When installing the water heater with a closed chamber cost less to own unit would cost 1.5 times bolshe.Iz due to lower gas prices on cost advantage on the side is a gas water heater. Learn more about this with Newcastle University. But at the same time, the cost boiler operating on gas, as well as the cost of installation, several times more than electric. For the most part, the cost is the reason for the popularity of larger water heater. Fuel tank storage tank water heater vodonagrevateleyObem desirable to count, so that hot water is quite enough for all needs, it is possible even with a small margin. On the other hand, too large water heater and cost will be expensive, and greatly increase the payment for electricity (or gas). This is largely dependent on the number of people on what needs and how often consumed hot water. I do not want to give any definite formula for calculating the amount of tank water heater, because in each case, all individually.

But here's the overall picture can outline in this way. Per person is recommended to select boiler size of 50-80 gallons of water. If two people or three, the volume requirements would have naturally higher, and this is from 80 to 150 liters. For a family of four is to look more capacious water heater from 120 up to 200 litrov.Moschnost vodonagrevatelyVremya water heating boiler will largely depend on the capacity of the heating element.

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If you are building in shallow soils, the area receiving water is placed on the maximum depth or make an additional sump. Thus, the depth of the well depends directly on the characteristics of the selected areas of underground water. Now that you know everything about the device well, sort out how to make a well in the country. Read additional details here: . How to make your well How right hands to do well with their hands? Building this kind of well, like mine, also suggest digging the mine and the further strengthening of mine. The depth of the mine, and way of strengthening depends on the soil selected areas. is likely to agree. It is preferable to dig a well in hard ground, but it is not always possible. How to dig a well in the country? You can dig a well, or using a backhoe or other construction equipment or manual method, using a bucket, a shovel and a rope.

If you are going to dig, you should not neglect their own safety. Professor Roy Taylor addresses the importance of the matter here. Running down a man must put down a special protective helmet. A bucket must be securely fixed, the rope must be strong and lift up the bucket with the ground must be very careful. Only if all the safety measures you can quickly and properly dig a well. In order to properly dig a well in the country, first to choose the right place at the well. The location of the wells affected by several factors. * Most importantly – this is, of course, the presence of water in the area.

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When laying the pipe can not exceed the allowable bend radius (specified in the technical documentation for the pipe), and for the compounds should be used only by completing the proposed elements. Winterizing It is not a styrofoam floors of floor finishes, namely of its insulation. Have you ever wondered why the room temperature depending on the height different? The main reason for this is to connect slabs with slabs balconies and loggias. As an alternative insulating floors – warming them with a plate of polystyrene, it can raise the floor temperature to 18 . Some contend that Martha McClintock shows great expertise in this. There is a way of warming floors keramsit to reduce the costs insulation. Let's compare these materials. If you stand bare foot on the floor, insulated with polystyrene foam, and then to the floor, insulated keramsit, in the first case, we feel the warmth, and second – the cold, despite the fact that temperature is the same gender.

The reason is simple: sex takes heat from the leg. In this case, the body does not react at ambient temperature and the intensity of heat of his body. And here the main role plays a "heat absorption." Polystyrene thermal insulation characteristics is 25 times better than keramsit. Another disadvantage of keramsit is a significant decrease height of the room, you warms, as the stacked layer keramsit is often prohibitive. Of course, you can increase the height of the floor, but this is only possible at the stage of building a house and would increase the cost square meter.

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